Kayak storage system

Does anyone know how to obtain suspenz kayak racks for a reasonable shipping price when I’m in Australia? Unfortunately there are no distributors here and this looks like a terrific product. We have shipped car accessories from the US which had reasonable shipping costs with no dramas. I am surprised that there are no dealers here. Any advice or similar product that would be available?

If it’s the wall mounted racks you require they have some similar ones at Canoeing Down Under http://www.canoeingdownunder.com.au/items.php?CatID=2&SubCat1=Boat%20Racks

PS. my fiancée who is also in WA is accusing you of stealing her name as she is Princess on the Perth based Rather Be Paddling forum :slight_smile:

build your own
kayak storage system. If you don’t want to do that, then you will probably just have to shell out the bucks (or wallaby skins, or whatever you use down under) for the rack. Myself, I just hang my boats by ropes from the rafters in the garage or set them on sawhorses.

Wallaby skins?
any idea how insulting and condescending that sounds?

sigh…there is a reason we are called septics sometimes…


Good alternatives
Your hardware store probably has storage systems for ladders, etc. that cost much less than the stuff that triples in price when you add the word “kayak” to the description. There are other products that lend themselves to the job if you look at them creatively (ex. small, folding camping tables/chairs make decent kayak stands).