Kayak Storage

Just brought my new 15 foot kayak home today. I would like to keep it stored inside my garage by hanging it from the ceiling, but have read that it would be nessary to use three 4 inch straps to make sure the plastic doesn’t deform over long periods of storage. I have searched over the last week or two, but have not been able to find any 4 inch wide nylon straps. Anyone have a source for straps that wide or have a better storage idea.

Here’s mine…
I’ve used hanging from the ceiling, but got a higher car, so had to come up with another plan. My hanging from the ceiling rack, was 1" PVC in a “U” configuration, with good sturdy rope run through the pipe…Worked great until I got a taller vehicle. I made this out of 3/4" plywood and a couple pieces of angle iron. http://community.webshots.com/photo/125899970/125910799gUwlTI

i’m hung

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by two three inch nylon straps placed under the bulkheads, with the boats turned on their sides. used old nylon tow strap.

i've seen rug remnants used. pretty cool. you can cut them to any size and they come pre-cushioned. just make sure you secure them so that they don't unravel.

I hung my plasic boat for 7 months…
Straight the first winter I owned it. I wasn’t really turned on by winter paddling then. I had it hangin from 1/4 hemp twine. No deformation or problems of ANY kind. Now Sincce I paddle year round & hanging it up all the time has become a pain in the a**, I stand in up on end. That seems to dry it out faster & leaves ample space in the garage + makes for quick & easy loading & unloading fo rthose "impromtu paddle trips…

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Wall space?
Do you have any available? If so, I’d suggest hanging it on the wall in racks or cradles. I bought the Martin Creek cradles for my kayak and they rock. You can put them at whatever height works for you with no fear of denting or deforming your boat. Strapping/raising/lowering the boat every time seems like a hell of a lot of effort to me. I just carry my boat straight in, drop it on the racks, and I’m done.

have you considered a hoist?
I have 2 kayaks hanging on Eagles Nest Hoists. Unfortuantely, these are no longer available (I can’t find the company anymore.) I just installed a harken hoist today. It seems ok, but not in the same class as the Eagles Nest. However, it does lift the yak from the floor to the ceiling and keep it there. I store mine on the sides, and havent expereinced any problems with plastic.

works for me
I hang my kayaks from the garage ceiling using 2 straps, 2 inches wide, 1 strap under each bulkhead, with the boats upside down. Has worked fine for 3 years, no deformation in the plastic.

Hanging boats
I have, lets see, 5 now hanging from the ceiling. I use the BAC hoister from Jersey Paddler for all of them. I just added the 5th, ABS material. Two others are Royalex(Old Town). They have been handing on 1/4" nylon or 1" NRS straps for 3 years. No deformation yet. The straps are close to the bulkheads but not right on them. One has no bulkheads anyway. The other two are wood/fibreglass and I don’t expect them to deform. AS for the extra work putting them up and down, there isn’t much choice. Wall space is taken up with cabinets for storage. Outside is not an option and they are too long to stand on end.