kayak storage

Hi, I plan to buy an eleven foot rec kayak,but storage is a problem. I do not have a garage,just a small shed. If the kayak needs to stand on one end,will this do any harm?


A lot of manufacturers say that standing on end is the best way to store a kayak. I think most people don’t because of height restrictions in their storage area.

Standing vs Hanging
So then, if standing on end is OK, what about hanging it from a grab loop? Or what about hanging it from both ends?

Hang from one end
Yes … Hanging from 1 end is the best. Hanging from 2 ends may cause warping. If you have room to hang from 2 ends then you need to use a pulley system such as the Harken system (around $100) or make one up yourself. This supports with straps hung under the bulkhead areas. Bob

Standing vs Hanging
The only potential problems that I can see would be that when hanging, the weight of the kayak would put a sretching force on the plastic. When it is stood up on end, the force is in compression. I would think that plastic could withstand compression better than stretching. Also, the grab loop could break, causing the kayak to fall.

Read your owner’s manual
As noted above, many manufacturers recommend standing on one end.

Most manufacturers recommend against hanging from the grap loops.

Don’t hang from both ends…
Don’t hang a Kayak from both ends, over time the boat will ever so slowly bow down in the middle like a bananna. Then you will have a boat that will turn on a dime, but won’t go straight to save your soul.

I have been told plastic Kayaks are best stored standing straight up. Just make sure it is secure so it doesn’t fall on anyone! You don’t want to hurt the boat,… (Joking of course)

Happy Paddling!!

kayak storage
Hi, Thanks for the info on storage. The manufactures of hangers claim that it is not a good idea, so buy their hangers!! You can’t win.

store my
9’ in the shed suspended by ratchet straps. The straps also haul the boat in the truck. I put the straps near the combing so no problems with warping. Been hanging it for over a year that way. On end seems to be a good way to , a friend of mine uses that method.

Same here
We store ours in the very same manner that you do, Northman and so far (knock on wood) there’ve been absolutely no problems.