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Is it okay to hang a kayak by the carry handles for a long period of time?


storing kayak
Hanging from the hand toggles can eventually bend the boat. Manufacturers suggest storing with wide support on the deck at the bulkheads, or suspended on its side, or on a J cradle of some sort on its side - again with the support located at the bulkheads.

Thanks for the advice. Most storage systems are too expensive. I am looking for a good way to store my boat overhead in my garage. Can any of you point me in the right direction without having to spend a fortune. I am thinking I can make one better than the one found in most stores for over $100.

Check Out It’s A Cinch
www.itsacinchinc.com their straping system will cost about $50. I was thinking of buying it when I got some space on the garage wall and decided to use a shelf instead. If I give up part of my garage rental (and the wall), I may end up trying this myself.

I did a little rummaging through the archiveson this site, but couldn’t find the threads of some really nice home made systems. It may be worth putting a little more effort than I did into finding it. Maybe the proud architect and builder will jump in on this thread.


Earlier string on kayak storage.
Here’s the earlier string on kayak storage. Good ideas, and a couple of links to photos. Hope this is helpful.

Multiple kayak storage

Posted by: Capt.Will on Dec-27-04 2:24 PM (EST)

I have 5 kayaks
on my ceiling all hanging with BAC industries equipment (see link to Jersey Paddler. YOu may have to cut and paste to follow). That was the only place I could find them. Maybe someone else carries as well. If you are limited overhead take the hooks off and replace with a common D swivel and bolt.


Not sure who you were referring to…
… Lou, but if it was my post, here’s a link to some pics:


I’ve since modified the the winches, and have added another complete setup so I now have FOUR 'yaks up there (hey, everyone told me this was an addictive habit!), but I think the photos and comments give a pretty good idea of how to proceed.

Feel free to contact me for questions,


That’s It
It’s a really beautiful creation to my totally uneducated eye. Check this one out if you haven’t already.


I posted this one before…