Kayak storage


I have just gotten in to kayaks and have purchased one for myself (14.5 thermoformed and a 12.5 duralight plastic for the wife). We are limited to space, including overhead in the garage. Can these be hung from padded hooks attached to the cockpit area against the side of the garage wall.

I live on Vancouver Island so the temperature is moderate and won’t go below freezing in the garage.

Any suggestions are most welcome.

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Sure, but rather than attach some sort
of hook, use wide slings that go around the entire kayak for support, and then attach the hooks to the the top of the sling.

Position the slings so that each one is at the bulkhead area. Those tow slings that they sell at Lowes are ideal.

Another method that I have used is a simple cantelevered 2 x 4 attached to the side of the garage.




How I did it.
I hang my kayak (14’ plastic rec boat) on my garage wall using 2" polypropylene webbing that I got from Seattle Fabrics (they sell it at $4.99 for a 20 yard roll), and a couple of screw-in hooks that are available in most hardware or home improvement stores.



Overhead garage storage
Screw hooks into overhead joists. Fixed, double sheave block attached to overhead screws. Movabe single sheave block hooked to sling below which supports boat. Used fire hose works great for the sling. I made metal strips along the top edge of both sides of the firehose and held together with short bolts and nuts. Connect both tops of the sling with a length of rope and connect the single sheave to that, then hoist away. I hold 2 14’ boats this way and it works great. Use a cleat to tie it off somewhere. Be careful to but large enough blocks, at least 2-3 inch shells. This makes it much easier to hoist. I used 1/4 inch nylon rope.

Works great and the boats are out of the way but easily accessible.

Good luck !