Kayak Storage

Has anyone stored a kayak outside but used a cover or some form of “bag” to protect the exterior.

Use a cockpit cover to keep out critters. You will still get spiders and such but not mice, raccoons, skunks, squirrels, frogs, etc. Weather will not hurt anything but the sun will. So mostly you need to control deterioration due to sun exposure. I would also make sure there is no water inside if you live where things freeze up.

Plastic or Composite
I keep my plastic yaks covered outdoors in the shade, but my fg boats are garaged.

here’s one…


Google Kayak cover and click on images…there are many…

Thank you
Exactly what I was seeking.

Here’s another
Don’t own it, but with all that stretch cord, it looks like it would fit more securely and not flap around as much as the Danuu when transporting on a car–if that’s an issue for you.


Plastic Kayak
I plan to buy one here in the UK but do not have room to store it in the garage. My wife has vetoed my idea of storing it in the living room so the back garden will be its home when it is not being used.

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