Kayak storage

I am fairly new to kayaking. I need some advice on storage. I was originally told to store my kayak on its side but someone told me to store it on its deck. I am having a kayak trailer built. I want my kayak trailer to double as storage. I just need to know if I should have J hooks on my trailer or if I can go with something straight on the trailer and and store my kayak on its deck.


Everyone you talk to will give you a different answer. The only rule that I follow is never store your boat deck up where it can fill with rain.

I tend to store my boats deck-down. But I also shove apiece of close-cell foam under it too to cushion the boat.

If your boat is thin-shelled (like a Peliken) you may want to store it on the side as that is the strongest part.

What make kayak and layup?
I handle my plastic differently than I do my glass boat or my wood boat.


Deck, hull, gunwhale, whatever
Keep the water out and the UV off. Put the weight on the bulkheads if you can.