Kayak Storage?

What is the most appropriate way to store a Kelvar kayak? Hang it from nylon straps wrapped around the boat at the bulkheads? Should it be in an upright postition, on its side or does it matter? I assume the idea is to have as little stress on the hull as possible.

couple ideas…

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Boat Storage

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The wall mount
version would probably work out great! So storage is best on its side with the straps postioned at the bulkheads?


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The Cockpit is the strongest part of your boat. The kayak will hang on its side or edge. Not on its hull or upside down. Do not hang the kayak by its handles; this will warp the boat's shape. Hanging from the scupper holes has gotten mixed reports.

Got it! Thanks!

doesn’t matter
Realistically, with a composite boat it doesn’t matter how you store it, as long as it’s

#1 out of the sun

#2 Isn’t getting rained on in upright position.

#3 Secure and out of harm’s way(a place where it’s not gonna fall off the rack/get crunched by car,garage door,etc)

and also keep it at a safe distance from a concentrated source of heat(furnace, light bulbs,etc)

a pair of webbing straps hanging from the ceiling will do the job just fine.

The whole fuss with storing boats in a specific position is mostly for plastic boats that will deform if stored incorrectly, composites won’t.

Composite any position OK
As above - we have 'em up and we have 'em down, on wide straps, both work fine as does storing them on angle like in many of the wall racks.

The more important question is how to hang it so that it is easiest for you to safely get down again.

That wall mount looks like it is very accessable and reasonably priced.




DIY wall mount for $20
Here’s what I’m doing to store my plastic boat…