Kayak Storage

Paddling seasons ending in the Midwest and I’ve finally found a way to get my canoe and sea kayak off the garage floor and home-built wooden saw horses.

A company in New York called Talic makes some sweet racks. Range from simple inexpensive straps for a single boat to racks that can hold multiple boats. Some assembly required.

Any experience with these?


Love mine
If Talic’s other racks are as nice as their Kayak Condo, you can’t go wrong:


I thought they were a bit pricey, but once I built and installed mine, I didn’t regret spending the money. Quality parts, well organized, and best of all, excellent instructions. I took the time to sand and seal mine with a satin polyurethane varnish, and the rack now makes the rest of my garage look kinda shabby …

Here’s some more kayak maintenance and storage information:


eBay opportunity
I have a Talic Kayak Condo for two boats and love it. I highly recommend them for anybody with narrow boats. If you have wide boats, a Kayak Tilt works better. But listen to this, I was just on eBay and noticed a Kayak Condo for 3 boats. It’s listed as a “factory second” which in this case means there’s a scratch or two or maybe too many knots??? It doesn’t say really. If you are thinking about getting a Kayak Condo - I’d go with it.

Very high quality and good value for the money. Actually much sturdier than they appear in the pictures. Definitely a “best buy” accessory.