Kayak Storage

I believe I saw a vertical, one kayak storage idea. It was like the old finger grabber toy from years ago. End of Kayak fits in mesh and stays there for vertical storage. I cannot go horizontal.

Does anyone know of this or another good Vertical Storage idea?


Vertical storage?
How long is your boat?


i like this
the final project looks great…i may use your idea this summer. where can i purchase the closed cell foam that you used ? i hang mine on the back of a shed and i put cup hooks under the eaves and hung the tarps from them and then i roll a couple rocks on the bottom edge to keep them from flapping…air circulates in from the ends, but still protected from the sun.i love seeing everyone’s clever ideas. thanks for sharing.

Vertical Storage
Do a Google image search for “Penguin Paddlers” and look around there. They lean their boats upright against the shop wall and against a wooden dowel projecting from the wall. The stern of the boat goes in a small wooden box affixed to the floor so it doesn’t go anywhere. Voila.

I actually that big piece of minicell from Fat Elmo (in trade for two coolers, span and tang). Blue Mountain Outfiiters carries a variety of minicell.