Kayak storage

I’m planning to buy 2 Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100 kayaks and have a question on proper storage. I was looking at the Talic Kayak Condo Storage Rack which supports the kayaks under the bottom using two web straps. Is it alright to store them on the bottom versus on their sides?

kayak storage
I was told by Lake George Kayak Company dealer that it is better to store kayaks on their side rather than on their bottoms. What you have to be concerned with is the temperature in the area where you plan to store them. If you have them on their bottoms and it gets too warm you can alter the kayaks geometry. We summer store the kayaks on their sides on the north side of the garage in the shade. Winter storage is on their sides in the rafters(between the trusses of the garage) on straps in upstate NY. Hope this answers your question.

Kayak Storage
I purchased a 3 boat Talic Condo, and it is great. It assembles easily and holds 3 of my boats very nicely. It tends to hold the kayaks in more of a nuetral flat postion with a slightl offset to the side. You can adjust the angle to your liking. Mine is stored in the garage and looks fabulous to boot!

I have used the three boat Talic condo
for about a year now. One carbon/kev, one glass, and one RM. I have no issues and generally like the rack alot. I am looking for a single one now for my skin boat. Bill

kayak storage
pick up a couple of sets of old seat belts at a wreckers. Attach to the wall of the garage or shed. Suspend the kayaks any way you want. Cheap and works perfectly.

Nothing against Talic
but I just can’t see spending $400 to hold 2 boats. I’d rather spend that on boats, trips, gear. And it’s not in my living room, so I don’t need a furniture quality product. But if your Mrs. will let you put it in the living room, cool. Otherwise, if you want to save $$, ask the folks here for plan suggestions. I made my 7 boat rack from 2x4’s and ladder hooks for less than $100.

Old seat belts!
Why didn’t I think of that. Thanks!

Best to support them where the bulkheads are, if you can.


Although we went with side storage, we found this to be a great solution: