Kayak Storage


I am new to this forum and new to kayaking. I moved into a new house and there was a kayak left by the previous owners (don’t know what it is…no identification on it). I took it out to a pond near by to test out, didn’t tip over! Hopefully some of my kayaking friends can help me out a little :).

I found it just laying on the floor of the shed so I’m looking to find something to hang/rest it on. I’m not really the handiest person so DIY options are out lol. So what are my options? What do you guys use?


I really like my Talic kayak rack; kinda pricey, but VERY well made and easy to install: http://talic.com/

If you decide to keep the kayak for awhile, here’s some more info on maintenance:


Good luck!



Car Roof and Yard
Most of the year boats are on Cars and others are under the house or in the yard. Boats are made for using.

Well my cars go in a garage and I believe a kayak on the roof won’t fit…i know my bike doesn’t…

I don’t know how I would get it under my house…foundation and basement

Yard is ok but it’s out in the elements and how would you keep someone from stealing it?

I’ll look into it.


Hanging in Slings
If you have space to hang from the ceiling it will keep your boat out of the way. Mount eye hooks in the studs and use motorcycle tie down straps as slings to support the hull without causing any damage. Just about anything is better than leaving it outside in the sun.

Found a hanger, what do you think?
So I went to a kayak symposium in traverse city and tested out a few kayaks, learned a lot about paddling. LOL…pretty much everything I “knew” about paddling was completely wrong…

Anyway, I saw a display they had with a kayak storage hanger. It was pretty neat and simple. The hook part folded out of the way if you wanted and also locked outward when in use. I think it is something I want, not sure though. I found a flyer with a link on it in a bag of goodies they gave us. Seem like a sturdy product. What do you guys think? www.themooserack.com

Samr type of thing
only cheaper. I placed a large nail or screw on a wall stud in my shed. Take a piece of strap or rope attach it to the nail let the other end just hang down.

Life the boat up against the wall hold it there with one arm, Take the other end of the strap and hook it on the nail. It will hang there very nicely.