Kayak storage

Ive looked around a little bit and haven’t seen anything stating one thing or another, I’m trying to figure out where I could store a kayak and outside is currently the most likely option. Obviously would need to be tarped or covered to block sun but does anyone know how well they hold up to -35c temps? Does anyone have any experience storing them outside year round? thanks for the input!

Outside all the time
Here are two of my boats, sans the tarps that they are covered with. I’ve had the red boat for about 10 years now and always stored outside but covered in tarps.


Perfect! Thanks for the quick reply. That will work out well then, I have all winter to look at buying or building a rack.

No theft issues?
I would worry about someone stealing my boats.

should be fine
Sun does damage boats, but it generally takes time. If the boat is out in the sun for years, then you may start seeing damage. Tarp couldn’t hurt.

Temps really shouldn’t be an issue. But, water inside freezing may. So set it up so that no water collects inside.

Critters are usually a bigger issue. They seem to like boats as nest sites.

Compared to something like bicycles, boats are rarely stolen. Seems thieves don;'t know how to transport them or turn them over for crack money. Of course they can be stolen, and if this is a concern to you, a lock would be useful.

a few tips

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Some things we've done when storing kayaks outside:

- buy one of the smallest plastic tarps (4' x 6' -- Harbor Freight Tools sells them) and wrap it tightly around the middle of the boat to seal up the cockpit and keep critters and rain out. Either lash it tight with rope through the grommets or wrap duct tape all the way around.

- for overall coverage, I prefer canvas tarps to plastic -- they don't shred and flap in wind and break down in the sun. I watch for the paint stores like Sherwin Williams to have 50% off sales and then buy the 6' wide by 20' long heavy canvas painting tarps. These are ideal size for covering a boat. The tarps themselves will get stained and mildewed but because they breathe they will not trap ground condensation underneath and cause fungal colonies on the kayak itself. The canvas also doesn't look as funky as garish plastic tarps (at least, to me).

- Always store the boats laying on their sides. That's the strongest area for pressure and will avoid oilcanning the hull or deck.

- a good coat of Scotch 303 UV protectant is good insurance at the end of the season too.