Kayak storage

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I've got a quick question regarding kayak storage. I just recently bought 2 kayaks and while waiting for the tsunami 145 I decided to build a rack for them. I had done some reading online and from what I read it said storing them on their side was better then storing them flat so I made a rack to store 2 side by side. Now when looking at the tsunami manual it shows not to store them on their side unless your using straps. Here's a picture of the rack. You can't see it but there is foam on the vertical and horizontal crossbars. So which way is better for storage that won't cause damage? I have no inside storage so they will always be outside, they're under a tree to provide some shade. Was also thinking of putting plywood on the top of the rack to provide more protection.

Don’t store on their side?
That doesn’t make sense. The hull is strongest on the side. Your rig looks good to me! You’re right though, some kind of cover to block the sun will help.


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from sun is a good thing. Looking at your picture, I see straps. I suspect they are recommending that to prevent the yaks from falling off the rack and injuring someone. You could contact customer service and ask them.

Second thought is that a wooden rack might concentrate pressure at one point and cause a dent. It should be easy to add a couple small blocks and fasten straps to them to support the yaks an inch above the wood.

I think they meant
Don’t store on side on a flat surface like a floor which would concentrate the weight at one point on the hull.

Can’t tell from the picture, your support should be near the bulkheads. What you have looks ok.

Looks fine
I see foam on the cross bars under the boat, and a strap from a cockpit cover. The boats load from the end, I assume, looks good.

I would put some lumber on edge down the center top and attach a tarp there to hang down the sides. The lumber would give a bit of a gable to prevent pooling water, attaching along the top ridge will keep it from blowing away. I would put ties on the lower corners too, that way you can raise the tarp to let everything dry out, look things over etc. It’s a good idea to have the tarp even if there’s shade; UV will get through, not to mention leaves, needles, bird poop, etc.

Cockpit covers
I would get some cockpit seals that are half mesh. I use the half mesh type for storage which keep the cockpit fresh and use the solid type (e.g the one in the picture) for transport.

Protection form sun
Is most important. Tarp, plywood is fine.

I’ve been keeping my boats outside and each wrapped in their own tarps. Been doing that for over 15 years.

I have my two long boats on saddles attached to a wood fence in my yard. Each covered by a tarp. The green ones are better than the blue ones.

mesh covers
Could you direct me to where to get some mesh covers?

Cockpit covers

I saw these listed on amazon and such. I got mine through a local shop but, I’m sure REI or something like that would have them.

Try here

You can also cover it with mosquito netting with bungee cord holding it in place.