Kayak Storage

Have two kayaks right now, just a 10’ and 12’. Worried about when/if I upgrade either one in the near future… where am I going to store a longer kayak?
I have a 1 car garage which hold the two right now (along with a workbench and cabinets etc)… but what do you have for storage?
How do you store over the cold winter months? Show me your photos or ideas on storage for 14’ and longer yaks!

I hang two 17 ft sea kayaks and a 13.5 ft boat on “kayak condos” on the wall. We have a sit hung from the ceiling. See link…


I hook the hoist lines direct to the kayak not straps…


You can easily hang 2 on a wall , one above the other, using ropes or cam straps run through eye screws in the joists. 2 straps per boat. Minimum wasted space.

We got a Malone Sling Two which we hung from some sturdy shelf rods against the basement wall, and hang our two kayaks fairly low so they’re easier to unload. The sling cost around $25.


Fastened hooks to the garage ceiling studs and hang my boats from in slings I have made out of various straps - doesn’t look elegant but it’s cheap and they don’t clutter up the garage. Ceiling is high enough (10.5 feet) that I have some whitewater boats that I rarely use hanging above them. I can remove the lower boats myself by unfastening the back strap and sliding the boat out out the front straps. The green plastic scupper is also supported by a strap in the middle as plastic boats need more support so they don’t warp.

Outside, on the north side of the house, on cedar stands I built myself. Upside down so when they get their hour of sun in the afternoon they don’t get too hot.

My Samba is stored outdoors, summer and winter. South side of my garage. I 303 the hull in the spring, mid-summer, and late fall (haven’t paddled it for quite a while). I bought two heavy duty padded arm hangers at Home Depot ($10) and installed them so the boat would be supported at its bulkheads.

Prana and Fathom are overwintered at a community pool. Photo shows the setup there.

In the summer the Fathom is kept on a dock here at home, covered with a Sunbrella type material. Prana stored in my screened back porch as it’s my Great Lakes boat and the one I use most. Both boats sit on stands I made from old director’s chairs.

[Shamelessly linked to from some random website via Google search. Not my own picture, but could very well be once I get mine.]

16 footers under the porch, outside. Have to replace some of the winch parts this fall. 17 footers in the basement until I find them a new home

I’ve come around to this over the years. Put the posts where bulkheads are. I set the kayak on the boards, and then lift them an inch or two above when I hook the ends of the webbing straps together. Good system for outdoors too - just put the posts in the ground and cover with a tarp.

That’s quite a fleet, CapeFear. :slight_smile:

^^ amazing… B)

How do you decide whether you have too many boats, or not enough racks? :wink:

@CapeFear said:
How do you decide whether you have too many boats, or not enough racks? :wink:

A better question is how the heck do you decide which boat to take out for a paddle??

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I counted but missed the whitewater boats in the back!

I enjoyed that. I’m definitely on board with that song!