Kayak Storing on Trip ???

I just purchased a new kayak that cost over 2 grand. I was hoping to take it with me on a trip in the Adirondacks when I realized I don’t know where to store it during the night. I called a few hotels/motels and they don’t allow keeping it in the room. What do you guys suggest as tips for safe storing while on trips? Do you feel comfortable leaving it on the rack for the whole trip? I don’t want to have this thing stolen!

Lock it
Park near the office

Get a first floor room and leave it inside Sometimes it is better to seek forgiveness than as ask permission

Sleep in the car

Paddle in Japan

Inside the room
I have never had any motel employee even blink an eye at me bringing a kayak into a room. I generally stay in Hampton Inn, Holiday Inn or Comfort Inns. I have had house keepers leave me a note not to leave boat laying across 2 beds as they will not (cannot) make the beds, but never told not to bring it inside.

I just leave the kayaks or canoe …
on the vehicle roof and use a cable with a pad lock to lock them to the roof rack.

I also try to leave the vehicle in a well lighted area.

I have never had a problem and I do a lot of traveling with the various high end boats.

Jack L

Kayak Storage
I agree with other posts about keeping on vehicle. Admittedly, ours are rec boats, not high end. About a year ago I bought cables at Lowe’s which have loops already at both ends of cables. When leaving kayaks overnight, I pass cable under seat attachment and under roof racks and secure with U-Haul locks I already had. I rotate cable so lock is inside boat.There are also kayak lassos available. I agree with parking in lighted area in front of motels which are often covered by security cameras.

But first, if you have not done so, take photos of kayaks, including close-ups of serial numbers and send email to yourself with photos and all identifying info, models, brand, etc. This way, you will promptly have info if bad luck strikes.


Lock and light.
Get a kayak cable lock and park under a light near the office, as in above suggestions. Much easier than hauling it inside, though if you want to try I would advise against calling for permission ahead of time. They pretty much have to say no officially. If you want to really mess with someone’s head, booby trap it with cans and bottles that will knock around in the cockpit and make noise if it is moved.

Where in the Adirondacks?

Lasso is a good brand of cable lock, I have a pair. Many buy cables and locks separately from big-box stores for less money — whatever gets it done is fine. Make sure to take all the rest of your gear, especially paddles, into your room with you. And try to park near other vehicles with stuff that look more steal-able than your boats.

Thank you guys for all the tips. I wasn’t familiar with Lasso cables. That looks like a decent system for security.

I was looking to stay in the touristy area of Old Forge to check out the Fulton Chain of Lakes and figured this would be more of a “hot spot” for theft given the touristy nature of the area.

In that aea…
you can get some really nice digs in cabins run by families rather than Hilton. With that, you will get a small front yard, likely less light, but it tends to be pretty safe.

We’ve stayed in places like that on the west side.

Got this coming week
there will be hundreds of high end boats all over the place, and very few of them will be locked up

The annual 90 miler starts Friday morning at Old forge.

The only thing is there won’t be a motel room to be had.

Jack L

I don’t think that there are many
cases of stolen kayaks and canoes off cars. My attitude is that life is short and in rural areas were we tend to paddle the crime rate is low so I don’t sweat it. I wonder - would it be covered by your auto insurance? I once had a boat damaged while car topping and my carrier paid the cost of repair which was substantial so I am pretty sure theft off the top of my car would also be covered. But I have a very good local company. That could explain it.