Kayak suggestion for tall/slender guy?

Hello All,

I’m a beginner/intermediate paddler that’s a bit rusty, but hoping to get back on the water after a 2 year hiatus.

I wonder if anyone could recommend a kayak for someone tall and slender. Specifically, I’m 6’ 7" x 210lbs x size 14’s. I’ve paddled a plastic Perception Eclipse on several outings, including a week on the French River / Georgian Bay. The boat fits, but at times felt a bit cramped at the feet.

I have an opportunity to test / purchase a demo’d P&H Capella 173 (glass.) From what I’ve read, it sounds like a respectable boat, but possibly better suited for a heavier paddler.

I’d welcome any kayak recommendations, especially from others who should be dribbling rather than paddling!

Many thanks in advance…

Here is a list
I posted a few weeks ago:


We have the same shoe size and weight but you have me by almost half a foot taller. You may need to consider foaming the bulkhead out and not using foot pegs if your legs are too long due to your height. Though some of the boats listed above had plenty of room to spare for my 6’1" build. Damn shoe size usually gets me. For comfort combined with performance, I am still favoring the Eddyline Fathom though I still want to try a few more boats. And of course there is the sit on top route as an option as well.

17" artic Tern high ; a kit from Pygmy
designed for big feeted peeples.

I don’t think the Impex Assateague, in standard form, will have enough legroom for you. I’m 6’2" and the footpegs need to be moved ever so slightly forward past the last stop.

That’s the bad news - the good news I believe is that they can move the forward bulkhead for you. If you’re interested in the Impex, I would encourage you to post your question at http://www.impexkayak.com/chat/index.php I think you’ll be surprised at the level of support from Impex.

Capella is a good boat
It’s a very good all-around boat. 210 lbs is getting into the recommended range for the 173. Add your clothing and whatever you happen to bring along, and you’re likely hitting 220 lbs. If it’s a comfortable fit, I can’t imagine your being dissappointed. I would recommend trying it on and taking it for a demo paddle. If it’s comfortable, it’s ready for whatever you are. I hope you find something comfortable for those feet!

the Assateague might work
but it has a rather high deck. You say that you are slender so the Assateague might be a bit roomy.

However Impex kayaks bulkheads should be far enough to simply just remove the foot pegs and use the bulkhead as foot rest.

If that works you might find that the Assateague will have enough room for your size 14 feet (you will have to wear thin booties, no shoes). In case the bulkhead is just a bit too far, pack it out with minicell.

A bulkhead in the right spot is the best foot rest you can wish for.

I’m 6’1" and I have ample room in front of my foot pegs of my Assateague http://www.flickr.com/photos/gnarlydog/2453728036/in/set-72157604806048123/

You should be able to fit an Assateague.

My Currituck’s bulkhead is though much closer and possibly too close for you.


36" inseam, size 14 feet, and I fit fine

good suggestion
a fellow that tall could really enjoy leaning that boat over while having the torso to not be swallowed up in it.

the 173
has a massive hull. I compared them next to the other P&H fleet at the EC expo last spring. I’m 6’ 3’’ and about 190-200 and fit really well in my Capella 169 with the seat all the way forward. There is a ton of room in front of the foot braces too. The 167 is probably small for you? Not sure about your feet. But I would be concerned the 173 is too wide. I didn’t paddle it. They need a 173 LV. Maybe you will like the extra room? My Capella has a high deck and I like it, but it’s no where as high and wide as the 173.

to go far and fast
i like the kajaksport viviane and nelo c-trek for my 14’s. i have a foot of room between my feet and the bulkhead at 6’1", so you would be fine. the c-trek has a fairly low flat deck (12") and would suite a thin build. i had a perception eclipse and these boats are light years ahead (to me), but i always loved the eclipse in rough water.