Kayak Suggestions for 300 lbs Man

Hey could anyone suggest some kayaks in the 400-700$ range that could handle some white water in rivers, maybe up to a class 3 rapid. I am 300lbs, 6’2" and looking for a kayak to mostly excercise on calm water but with the ability to handle rapids on occasions. Preferably want a sit in kayak. Thanks!

Have you considered an inflatable?

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I'm thinking something like a Tributary Tomcat 2 would be about right and in the right price range if you get one off e-Bay.

A sit-in that'll handle 300 lbs and up to class III rapids is the Dagger Approach. It's advertised up to 265, I think, but I have a buddy who exceeds 300lbs who uses one. There are a couple of recent boats similar to the Dagger Approach, I think Liquid Logic Remix is one, and you could look at those. If you get a Dagger Approach or similar, get a neo skirt.

Also, there's III's and then there's III's. If you're talking a straight ahead big ol' wave train III, there's more boats than if you're talking a steep gradient, narrow passage III with a couple few drops and a "must" move or two in the mix.

If you know how to paddle reasonably well, you may want to look at a Perception Swifty. I have a buddy who uses his Swifty in Class III water and it takes it reasonably well. He doesn't PLAY in it, but he does surf. This particular person is a very talented and skilled paddler who could paddle an inflatable date through Double Z. That said, I've taken a Swifty through some water I wouldn't have expected a rec to welcome and it felt far better than I would have anticipated.

There's a million other boats too. Good luck, stay safe, and have fun.

Edit to add: A Tributary Strike 2 would probably be better on calm water. If inflatables interest you, check out www.theboatpeople.com. I have no affiliation with that site other than that of satisfied customer who received good advice.

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boat with float
That’s me…same deal.

My kayak dealer cringes when I mention a new SINK. He found me a Perception Sundance 12 that worked fine. The boat has a huge cockpit, so you will want a skirt. Perception took the Sundance out of their line a couple years ago, but I have still seen them in box stores. And, of course, there’s the used market.

LiquidLogic Remix XP10
I’m not too far off of your size and I think this boat may be a good choice. I’ve tried one on for size and it fits me well. I think it will handle Class III with no problems, assuming you can handle it. I like the skeg arrangement for tracking on flat water.

The Tarpon 140 could work as well if you want a SOT. I use a Tarpon 160 in warmer weather for general flatwater and fly fishing in salt water.

Dagger Axis 10.5
I owned an Approach for several years and it might be fine, although for 300# it could be a little snug. I haven’t paddled a LL Remix XP10, but looked closely at the one in my buddy’s shop and its a good looking boat and probably a little roomier than the Approach.

I would also suggest the Dagger Axis 10.5. I spent a day paddling one this spring and it handled a lot like my Approach but has a lot more room. I’m pushing 275#. After paddling the Axis I sold my Approach with plans to now buy an Axis 10.5. I’ve also paddled the Axis 12 but it is pretty high volume and even at my weight the front end was a little squirrely on waves.

I’d suggest you try out several high-volume boats before you make your purchase.


Maybe risky, but…
If the rapids you are talking about are just big wave trains and not real narrow, bony and windy, you could look at something similar to a Tsunami 125. It’s not made for the big water but will hold it’s own up to class II relatively easy.

Biggest risk with this, of course, would be it doesn’t have a center support so if you get turned sideways and t-bone a rock you risk it folding in half and causing your legs to be trapped.

But it’s capacity would fit you easily and in open water you could really cover some ground. With that being said, a hybrid may be just the ticket as well-

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