Kayak suggestions for a 300 pound 6 foot 4, guy

I am looking for a kayak for a 300 pound 6 foot 4 guy that is relatively inexpensive.

Do you known what class of kayak you are looking for? Sit on top, sea kayak, recreational kayak, white water kayak, etc?

If you don’t know the classes, you might want to read an article in California Kayaker Magazine on type of kayaks. Can be read for free online at http://www.calkayakermag.com/magazine.html. Issue #10.

i would be looking for either a sit on or in kayak and a just general recreational for going down rivers, or creeks.

Same size paddler here. The first paddlefest I went to, and wanting to get into kayaking like all my friends, I asked the ol’ timer who was running the event essentially that same basic question. This little guy looked me up and down and said, “Son, that’s what we call a canoe!”

Many years later, and having tried several dozen kayaks and canoes, I’ve found he was right. Solo canoes have been a far better choice for me. You may want to give those some consideration as well.

However, of the kayaks I’ve tried, I found the Hurricane Skimmer 140 to be a pretty good fit. I also liked the Delta Cat 12.5, but sadly that model is no longer produced.

For “relatively inexpensive” I’d look to the used market. I’ve found if you don’t overspend, you can usually get the money you spend back in resale after you’ve had a chance to try it out for a while. Call it, the “Craigslist rental program.” I try not to spend more than half the new value on a used boat.

Try out as many as you can. Paddlefests are great for that if you have any in your area. Besides the fit and comfort, boats that sit an average size paddler well can handle vastly different for me (not in a good way) with the additional weight and higher center of gravity that I bring to the vessel.

Good luck in your search.

The capacity specs are generally listed for each kayak on the manufacturer’s page. I would look for one with a max capacity at least 50 pounds more than your weight.

Ones that fit your height is harder to determine, and best done by you actually sitting in the boat and seeing if you fit.

If you go for a touring/sea kayak, look for boats listed as high volume, or HV. These will have the best chance of fitting.

6’5" 230 paddler, current fleet (listing boats that I do not max out): touring - Current Designs Isle, Prijon Yukon; whitewater - Jackson Villain, Jackson Monstar. Also paddle a Prijon Marlin, Prijon Combi , P&H Hammer, Jackson Rogue, and Jackson Superfun but I think you would swamp those. In general, the larger Prijons, Jacksons, and old Neckys tend to be forgiving of size. A number of big people like the largest Wilderness Systems Tsunami. As for price, probably your best bet would be finding an outfitter looking to get rid of old boats. Craig’s list you might be doing a lot of driving for things that you might not reeally want. I agree about the importance of demos. I tried a Fluid Bazooka at a ww festival. Sitting in it felt great. As soon as I tried moving water, I hated it (felt too boxy for me). Lastly, I think you should love a boat from the first moment you try it (others might disagree).

ok, thanks everyone for giving me a understanding of what i am looking for,

Wilderness Systems Ride 135 may be a good choice for you, stable and forgiving. Could find a used one for less if you look around. Some of the other models mentioned might be a little too expensive depending on your budget.

If you decide that a sea kayak is what you desire, try the Current Designs Isle. If you don’t fit into that, you might be out of luck.

Although… the Current Designs Solstice Titan is even larger than the CD Isle. I remember that when I sat in it, I felt like a rubber duck in a bathtub.