Kayak suggestions Please!!

Forgetting abt the money, what is the best river Class 1/2, small lake or pond Yak out there in the 9-10 foot length? There are so many out there and it is hard to even find half of them in stores. I normally would want to test drive but at least would like to see them instead of simply picking one from phots on the internet and later being unhappy with it. Any suggestions out there? tks.

a little longer but…
A Dagger Blackwater is 10.5 feet and should be suitable. That’s more of a recreational boat but would be better on flat water. The Dagger RPM is around 9 ft and is definitely a whitewater river runner although it might be ok for some REALLY SLOW paddling on a pond somewhere.

Any of the Trekreation from Liquid Logic Kayaks are an excellent choice.


Very performance oriented boats with fantastic plastic, fast, easy to edge and turn, but easy for a beginner to learn to paddle in.

I’ve got a Saluda, the girlfriend has a tuxedo and my Dad just ordered a pisgah.

Best bang for the buck, its a great sporty rec boat.


Why liquid logic
what made you go with this brand?

why did your girlfriend choose the tuxedo over the sapphire?

what did the tuxedo cost?

Hard Questions
I bought LL after paddling several Perception and Dagger boats, I also had a LiquidLogic GUS whitewater creek boat. I was exteremly impressed with the details that LL puts in their boats. I also know the company was started by paddlers for paddlers. Also as a small business owner, I like supporting the smaller companies.

The GF chose the Tuxedo on cost and because she had no desire to do any overnights so didn’t really need the hatch, she also thought it paddled better.

I have no idea what the Tuxedom cost, she wouldn’t tell me. She got it as a dealer demo on sale, as tight as we both are I’ll bet she paid no more than 75% of MSRP.

Good Luck!


The Necky Manitou Sport
Where are you located? If you are in the Southeast US I can help you.

Liquidlogic Tryon
It’s about 10’6" and the wife has one and loves it. Like Llamakeeper, I believe the Liquidlogic people build a good boat. Also the seat’s pretty comfortable. Cockpit not huge, but large enough to be comfortable. At 260 and 6’1", I would be at the upper end for this boat, better for someone a bit smaller. WW

Necky Sky…
In the 9-10ft category, the Necky Sky is one of the best if not the best kayak. It is 9.5’ long and only 26" wide. Weighs 41 lbs. Very comfortable, has very good speed for it’s size, tracks very well, and turns on a dime. It’s multi-chined hull also provides excellent foot room.

I’m 6’ 175lbs and I’ve had mine for over 3 years and have paddled the southern Rio Grande, Lake Powell, the Sea of Cortez several times, and many flatwater locations in New Mexico and Texas.


Far apart
well Im in the Great Northwest so we are about as far apart as we could get. but what do you have in mind?

Necky Sky!

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I spent weeks trying out kayaks daily last summer with the same criteria as you have, by September I chose the Sky Necky and have no regrets. I'm a 5'7 120lb woman and can easily handle getting my boat in & out of the water --plus onto my car. It has speed, stability & excellent maneuverability. The Necky Sky is loads of fun in lakes & rivers. A safe, strong (and comfortable) kayak.