kayak suggestions

I need help in finding a kayak. I just bought a house on a small lake in Minneapolis and would like a kayak to put on the lake.

  1. Rec or day touring suggestions please. Probably looking to spend less than $1,500.00. I want something that I can grow in.


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Are you planning on using this for fishing? How small is the lake? Will other people use the boat also?

My gut says that you should get a sit on top or rec boat. Small lake and chances of other people using, these are likely best. Sit on tops are usable by most anyone with little training/knowledge reasonably safely. Or something like an Old Town Loon, which they make in a version that can be paddled by 1 or 2 people comfortable (big open cockpit with seats that adjust). These would also work Ok for fishing (though there are fishing specific kayaks you may want to consider, if fishing is something you would do a lot of).

But you also said grow into it, so that also says maybe you want some sort of touring boat (neither the rec boat nor the SOT is something you'd really grow into). But a touring boat would not be a good boat to lend out to guests, as it takes a bit more training to handle safely.

If you go day touring, check out the local kayak shops close to you and see what is available. You really won't want to mail order anything, so availability would be important.

How big are you?

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Your height and weight make a big difference, especially if you want to develop your paddling skills. There are boats for smaller paddlers, and boats designed to fit female proportions. Good boat fit is important for boat control.

Beginners tend to be very concerned about stability, but perceptions of stability change rapidly with time on the water. Too much stability can impede learning some skills.

If you want to be able to self-rescue in deep water, having a kayak with front and rear bulkheads makes it much easier.

What's your previous experience on the water? Is there somewhere nearby that you can demo or rent kayaks?

The Perception Tribute or Wilderness Systems Tsunami 135 might be an option.

Manitou 13/14
depending on your size

Two leading lines
Look at the Necky Manitou’s (I’d recommend the 14) and the Wilderness Systems Tsunami line. There is a Tsunami to fit you, whatever your size.


Used 15 ft plastic with bulkheads
Grow into usually means narrow long and fast. The cheap plastic is fine for dragging. A spec surf ski that does not leak might be fun. Take a class and go with a club or demo days

Wilderness Systems
Tsunami - comes in different sizes, choose the right one for your size.