Kayak suggestions

I currently own a Wilderness Systems Pamlico 13T.

It is a little big for me but I am happpy with it as my son (now 9) is always with me.

I am researching possible future boats for me and my boy. I am looking for a faster boat (lighter would by nice) for me, and one my child can handle and not outgrow in a blink of an eye.

I am a 43 year old 5’2", 108 pound (when I eat ice cream) “lady” who paddles the bayous and swamps of southern Louisiana. My son is on the tall side.

I am looking for suggestions for possible boats to consider.

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A pair of Hurricane Tampico 140s might fit you both. Definitely lighter and faster.

easky option
The Tampicos are nice but a little costly. For a slightly cheaper similar boat (15’ and 44 lbs) you might be able to find a Venture Easky 15LV. They were discontinued last year (replaced by the heavier Islay models) but some vendors still have stock in them, and they around 30% cheaper than the Hurricane boats. The LV is “low volume” which makes the boat great for smaller folks (I’m 5 5" and love mine.) But it also works for larger ones – my 5’ 9" 180 lb ex-boyfriend also loved the kayak so it’s something your son could use for a long time.

Thank you
Thank you for the suggestions I will investigate all of them.

small paddlers

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Possibilities would include the Perception Prodigy XS or Tribute 12, the WS Tsunami SP, and Jackson Mini Tripper.

Discontinued models you might find used include the WS Piccolo or Tchaika, Perception Umiak, Carolina 12.0 XS, or Acadia Scout.

If you like to build things, there are many options you can build from kits or plans, such as these:

For truly light weight, a deckless pack canoe would be lighter than a kayak. For example, a Hornbeck "New Tricks" 10 weighs 14 pounds.

Given your size(s), most kayaks will be far too wide and too deep to paddle comfortably or efficiently. A paddle that fits you will also be much easier to manage.

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I will also consider those kayaks.

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Petite paddlers
Another is the Tahe Lifestyle Solo PE, sat my 4’11 90lb daughter in one in the spring. Slightly larger than her current Tsunami SP but with a much better cockpit. As Angstrom says it’s tough for a lady your size to get a nice fitting boat.

If you want to spend a bunch of money there are more expensive longer options like the Pilgrim, Reval Mini, Avocet LV or Mystic that may offer a good fit.

I sure wish Wilderness Systems would make a Tempest 150 at 20" wide and a 10" deck.

Thank you
I’ve never heard of that brand.

(Thus the reason for this question.)

Tampico 140S is pretty hard tracking
I tried one last summer and was very disappointed with the speed and maneuverability for a boat of it’s length & width.

My 16’x23" Epic Touring Cruiser turned much more easily and quickly when compared directly against each other that day.