Kayak Surfing Opinions

When I paddle in surf I am in a SINK either a long boat or a short boat depending on wave size, I have NOT paddled SOT’s in the surf. There was a guy at a local Coast Guard safety session who paddles a Scrambler SOT who said it was a good idea to have the boat tethered to your leg (like board surfers do)so you can quickly get back on your boat. I told him I thought it was dangerous to have this 60+ pound boat attached to your body in breaking surf. He told me a lot of people with SOT boats do this. Am I missing something? Is that really a safe practice with a SOT? Thanks for your opinions.

Leashes and Surfing
Most people who paddle SOTs in the surf attach a leash to the paddle. The leash is connected at the bow of the boat. When you tip over you try to stay in the boat with thigh straps or seatbelt, if you come out, you hang onto the paddle and keep clear of the leash and the boat. This is also the best way to go with waveskis. Some folks attach waveskis to a leg leash, which may be OK.

You surmised correctly that attaching a high volume boat like a scrambler to your leg or any other part of your body is asking for a very painful and dangerous event in case you get thrown off in big waves.

is it the preacher???
i have surfed a WS kaos through my shops rental a bit and would never DREAM of attaching that tub to me…


waveski…different matter when it weighs ~20# and could go literally flying down a wave an spear someone…


More ~ 15lbs For A Good Waveski…
I think a few of the BIG wave specialist are putting in a cord attachment cup on the back hump and attaching a short surf board type leash. The leash is attached below the knee, over the calf, rather than to the weaker ankle area.

Nope, would never directly attach a leash to me and a heavy craft…


We have a SOT
that is just made for surfing, and we take it to the beach every year for that.

The last thing in the world I would put on it is a tether to myself.

You will be just asking for a lot black and blue marks and possibly worse.



Paddle Leashes
Most people here is NORCAL use a paddle leashe. That way they can control the boat if they exit. I would not leashe a Scrambler to my body.

I have lost the paddle, and thus the boat, in big surf once, but it still seems the best compromise

Agree with one additional note
Leashes that are designed for surf–Bully’s are the ones I use–will break long before your leg does. I don’t use a leg leash if I’m planning to surf, but I do use one on a surfski in open water and I have gotten caught in the surf with the leash on. A broken leash is not particularly fun–long swim and possibly damaged boat on the reef–but it’s not a big threat to life and limb, either.