Kayak surfing paddles

Hailing all silver (and pink) kayak surfers!

Here is a curious question from an amateur. My experience has been very slight, actually quite accidentally I found my self surfing. Yet I do find it intriguing.

Anyway, My question pertains to paddle design. I find myself curious as to what paddle types you surfers find provides you with the most control for getting in, out and over waves yet also provides you with good control on a wave.

Granted, it’s not just the paddle. I’m sure kayaker experience and kayak design play a big roll here. I’m not looking to buy a paddle, I’m just looking for experienced input.


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work best for me. Peferably short, ww style paddles for surf crafts. I need lots of grab in 3 or 4 strokes to get on a wave. Once on, mostly use the stern rudder to control direction. Too long, the paddle can get literally trapped against a steep wave face (has happened). Also the more aggressive one surfs (in a short craft), the more active the paddle becomes, meaning quick strokes between rudders to change direction or to pick up additional speed (to make a wave section before a closeout). How much of the blade to use in ruddering becomes an art form too. Too much blade means more drag and slows down the run. Just enough blade will initiate/continue turning maneuver but will not slow forward momentum as much.

The wider, short Euro blades are more optimal for the type of active, more freestyle (as opposed to simple diagonal run) surfing style that I prefer.



like sing i use a whitewater paddle…
i have a seven2 194cm that i love…

i also use a jackson kayak kids paddle…the short length means that i can have a higher cadence of strokes-easier to get out with…then when you are on a wave you are only using one paddle blade at a time…

there are even guys out there using handpaddles in surf too…fun to watch…