Kayak surfing - where to begin

Used to do whitewater when I was young and brave and now just paddle longboats when possible.

Trouble is, Sing (and those souls like him) are tempting me to look into kayak surfing here on the NE coast. (Napatree, etc) It sounds and looks like way too much fun, and to be truthful, I don’t really want to learn it in my (new) Greenlander.

Can anyone give recommendations for surf yaks that would fit me at 6 foot 2 and 190lbs? Something forgiving, as I would be learning the hard way for some time to come, and something that can pop into the back of my pickup! I know Mega makes some boats as do others, so please list me some fairly large volume ones that provide comfort, forgiveness (to some point) and mostly, FUN!!



i have a mega
and i am 5’10" 220#…bought it off a guy who was ~6’4" and surfed it competitively…it is a UFO predator…an older model that does just great for me!!!they pop up sometimes…

check out: nesurfkayakers.com for a good classifieds of surf boats…plus meet other surfers in you area…


Roit Boogie?

Don’t know about the weight capacity.

You could ask Seadart but he is probably

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too busy surfing .... nice to see you today Seadart. we had fun spongin' w/ baby.

Think Cobra Strike is great boat. Fun, forgiving and o.k. to noodle around it too.

I’m preparing slides for an interview… good to see you to Patrick.

If you fit in the Prowler, I like it better than the Predator. Have not tried the newer Mega boats but there are some really cool ones. Not likely to find them used.

I would check out some of Dick Wold’s later boats. The Super Nova looks good but he has a new model that people are raving about.

The Mike Johnson Mini Mako is a good boat if you can find one used, a bit iffy at your size but should work, a bit of tight fit.

Come Up To RISK

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Expression Session in November. Lil' Compton RI will be the site of the largest gather of NE surf paddlers. Bring your white water boat and your combat roll. You can check out the surf boats of the bigger guys. Most folks are willing to let others demo given the situation where east coast just don't have that many surf boats out there tho' the numbers have been increasing. There will be plenty of folks there bigger than me.

Tim Straz will have two his Jenness prototypes, one big and one small. These will be his third generation prototypes. The first two were pretty good already so these should be getting up there, HP wise.


PS. The Mega Cyclone (IC) and PS Composite Mako are probably the most easy for long boaters to transition into. These are 9' plus and the rails are pretty forgiving compared to some of the newer, shorter high performance (HP) models.

Impulse (large) would be a good fit; Valley Storm in Rotomold; Mega Megatron; Mega Marauder PE; Wold Big Machine. All good boats. The Marauder is wicked fast, carves like a hot knife through butter but may not be the best new to surfing platform as it needs some attention to stability, for me.

The old Riot is said to handle about 190 but don’t know what kind of inseam it will handle. You may also want to try out the Mega Maverick but you may be a bit large for it.


Long boats are the way to go at Napatree. Quite a distance to paddle in a surf boat/ww boat from Barn Island/Stonington launches. A bunch of folks will be surfing Napatree Saturday. Also, beware of glass surf boats in New England. Some of the launch sites will tear up the egg shell thin gel coat, if they even get near a rock. Sites like Narragansett Town Beach are more forgiving for light lay-up glass.

I’m 6 -2 and fit into a Necky Rip (moving the seat to furthest aft possible). These can be gotten for $300 or so used. While not a Mega Cyclone, it’s not a bad boat for starters.

Beware, surfing is very very addicting.


Cool !
Go for it and have fun. Get in whatever COMPOSITE surf specific kayak you can, and have fun! Heed the Rules of the surf zone, and respect other wave riders. Enjoy!!! It’s not about how good you are…beware the ego freaks. It’s about riding waves, learning, and having fun with your buds.


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the dreaded "I am the "best" seems to inflict some among the surf set, though not more than what seems to be "know it all" types among the sea kayaking world.

The NE surf crowd is much more into just getting together and stoking. Haven't noticed any fat egos, except one that deems it necessary to come over our bulletin board to wax his ego. But he is from the west coast! It's the heavy duty competitors that seem more prone to this. :)


Rocky Breaks…
I surf one quite a lot these days. Just got to choose a good launch spot. For sure, a plastic boat will take it without worry tho’ the fins can still get pretty banged up if one isn’t careful. But having surf white water boats before, I personaly wouldd rather chance the fins (and composite) than not because these have the ability to get over the wave before crashing onto shore. Last week, at high tide, was surfing dumpers right to where it was dropping on a rocky beach. Had really no choice but to do that or go home. It was fine since I was able to catch the ride and blow back over the top before the closeout onto the beach. Actually added a bit of excitement. Again, it’s the ability of surf specific design craft to do that. None of the white water boats I surfed can do (at least not with my ability or lack of), except maybe the riot trickster. Anyway just make sure the helmet is strapped on tight!


What is your site sing?
I say composite on surf boats for the same reasons you do. A decent used composite boat won’y cost more than a newer plastic surf boat, and a new composite would be comparable to a poly sea boat. Not much $ for the fun and performance they provide.

Most of the West Coast folks I know are way mellow, but my friend and I encountered some strange stuff in California. Kayakers dropping in on each other etc., and hearing “That’s how we do it down here.” Made it hard to get a decent ride with four or five people on a given wave. Probably a sign of too many people period.

Salty, the Valley Storm (RM)…
retails for $999 with 3 fins. Most new composite boats are in the $1500 plus range. If that last $500 matters the Storm is a cool boat. I have friends with the Maverick (RM) and it is a neat little boat for a similar price. Mega also makes the Neutron and the XRay in RM. Nice stuff.


Was that San Onofre?
The San Onofre experience is pretty unique I think. Only Place I have ever seen Party waves (oh and the Tamarack tide race by my home). Also the whitewater crowd when they go out surfing seem to be unaware of surf etiquet. Most hardcore surf kayakers and waveskiers in California are good surf citizens most of the time.

Let me guess who that could be?
He’s a real nice guy in person, I wonder if he needs regular medication sometimes though.

It was San O, which is a pretty soft wave anyway. Agree that most of the California crowd is very cool. Surfed near San Fran last year with some cool folk. The San O gig was so annoying my friend just gave up and went in. He is a legit world caliber surf kayaker. California is just so darn crowded, and the PNW in general is getting more crowded.

As for the poly Valley, yeah, I’m sure it’s very cool, but I believe someone avid enough to buy that would be better served with a composite…

But that’s my opinion, and results will vary. I can say that even beginners do far better in composite surf specific boats. If they have a decent roll, get em in a surf boat right away.

Rocky shore launches with fins are tough eh!!

He Needs Something…

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in addition to a passive aggressive public persona, not acknowledging his own BS, he is also known for the backdoor hate mail... After my buddy shared some of that with me... Well, I have to to go with my buddy.

I can't take him seriously. Surf kayaking is not serious. Anyone who gets that "serious" about it, I can't relate to.

As long as he follows our rules, he can stay. But, I'll not read his trash.


When I lived in Terramar, non-locals weren’t allowed in the water - you had to have been a resident east of I-5 for over 20yrs to earn a wave :slight_smile: Of course, there was a lot of partying going on and now many are dead or have moved to Baja or Hawaii for better beaches.