Kayak Survey

Please help out my group for a school project and take this survey about kayak anchors - https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/XM58ZR7

You left out the not applicable answer.

First question… how often do I fish from my kayak? “Never” is not a choice. Y’all need to think things through.

Ask it in the fishing section.

I too can’t get past the first question as I’ve never fished from a kayak.

This site should be renamed PaddlingSurvey.com

That and when I do fish it is drifting the flats or staking out. Staking out has a pin not a traditional anchor. All of your questions were deep water , line and “hook” related.

I have used kayak anchors so was willing to take the survey.
BUT, I never fish so my response is irrelevant.

Are you asking about kayaks and anchors or are you asking abut fishing and anchors?