Kayak the entire Mississippi!?

I’m seriously considering kayaking the majority of the Mississippi River. That’s around 2,300 miles and would take around 100 days. I’m proposing to start around mid August to early September 2017. That would mean finishing in late November to early December.

Obviously, it’s a huge time commitment, though the trip itself is quite affordable.

Anyone interested in a huge undertaking like that?

Suggest you join the Facebook group

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many people there have either paddled the river, are going to paddle the river, or are willing to help paddlers.

Keep in mind that the daylight hours for paddling get quite short in November and December, plus the weather can get quite skunky.

Thanks for the pointer!

This forum is based on the most amazingly antiquated code - even free forum software like phpBB has incredibly more features. FB does the trick!

you’ll do much better over on the FB
group. many great people, with lots of info and a great willingness to help with trip planning and also when your trip is underway.

Facebook best source

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There are nearly a 1000 paddlers on the Miss in the facebook group.
More info than anywhere on the net via FB "Mississippi RIver Paddlers"
There were about 50 groups to do the whole river last year....and probably a 500 over the last decade....most are on that group. See their photos, blogs, info, direct contect with every paddler.
Dont bother anywhere else.