Kayak Too Hot

New here and hope someone can help me. I bought a Lightning Strike kayak earlier this year and so far love it, except for one problem, it gets too hot to touch the sides. I live in FL. Plastic baits even melted under my seat!
Thanks for your help

OK, what color is it? Are you in the sun?

Summer here in Florida means,

  1. it is HOT in the middle of the day.
  2. go early quit early…ie dawn to 10am.
  3. go late quit in the dark…after the thunderstorm.
  4. go on shaded rivers/creeks with springs…Santa Fe, Ictchnetucky (sp), Ocklawaha, Silver, Rainbow, etc.
  5. drink a lot of fluid
  6. The real Florida kayak season is October thru April.
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Move north.


Plastic baits…most fishermen I know go early and late but not between 10am and 7pm.

You didn’t get the dark green camo one, did you? :scream:

I have always gone when ever I have time no matter what time of day. Whats’s the point of living here if I have to limit when I can go. I may just have to live with it.

Yes and now I see a problem. Should I repaint?

Those are go ideas. I’ve lived here my entire life, so far, but I’ve had this problem. Traded in and OLD hobie outback and it never got hot.

Surely you jest.

Semi serious comment. I wonder if some of the plastic film used to decorate cars would help in a lighter color?

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Best not have that attitude when crossing the street.

Thanks, I’ve been looking into that.

Krylon paint is made to stick to plastic. Might be an alternative.

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Krylon Fusion in the rattle can. Sold at Ace Hardware.

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I don’t think that changing the color will have much impact on whether plastic bait melts underneath your seat. Plastic is going to get hot in the midday summer sun, no matter what color it is.

Try this test the next time you’re in a parking lot:

Put your hand on the trunk of a light colored car. Then put your hand on the trunk of a dark colored car. If they’ve both been sitting in the sun for a while, they will both be be quite hot. Neither will be cool to the touch.

If you can’t/won’t change your schedule, just change how you deal with the resulting heat.

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