Kayak too long?

Here’s how to shorten!

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Is that for real? Can anyone be that clueless?

I think the car has too low of a ground clearance.

I did see someone on the interstate that had a boat tied down with bungee cords. The wind had almost pulled it sideways. I slowed down and let them get way ahead of me.

I didn’t see anything nasty, but I was getting off at the next exit.

Typically you see those carriers on the back of an RV. Works fine in that scenario for short kayaks I guess, but I’ve never seen one on a car.

The paddler must have fallen out.


My current situation, less than 1 foot ground clearance, under 13 feet tall, things get interesting when shuttling others boats as well! Life on the road…


Yes plenty fill that slot.

I wonder what THAT does to their fuel mileage, lol