Kayak tour rentals

A couple of years ago in Bar Harbor, Maine, I went on one of the guided “half-day” kayak tours around Frenchman’s Bay. They supplied virtually everything. I was not into kayaking at that time so all I remember about the boat is that it was solo (not tandem), had a rudder, and I used a spray skirt.

Does anyone know specifically what make(s) and model(s) are used in these coastal ocean rental fleets? I’m sure they pick the most durable, stable, and economical ones they can find.


Could be anything
But Perception Carolinas seem to be pretty common among coastal rental fleets.

Our local isn’t coastal–
–we’re in lake country. But they favor Prijon.

My tour on Lake Superior
favored Necky.

I agree - could be anything
If you remember the name of the company, check out their web site and see if they list what products they use, have a list of used gear sale, or have photos from trips that you can read the product names off the boats.

Likely what are called touring kayaks or day touring kayaks.

When I was guiding in Newfoundland
on the coast Iused necky for my clients with one outfit (alseks and tandems) and with another I used Wilderness Systems Sealotions, now I am doing the same thing in the Okanagan Valley of BC(large lakes) and I paddle the coast (only a couple of hours away). The outfit I am with now tends to use Current Designs boats (Oracle, Squamish, Sirocco, various versions of Solstice).

So, in other words, your guess is as good as mine in regards to guessing what boat it was.

Good luck