Kayak Tours in Charleston, SC

My family and some friends will be vacationing in Charleston this spring and would love to take some sea kayaking tours and classes. Does anyone have recommendations for tour and instruction companies in Charleston?


I haven’t been to Charleston in awhile…
so I’m not sure.

I’ll bet that these guys have a clue though.


The homepage has info on a new store opening in Charleston. It gives the phone number. If all else fails, just call them.

I think there is a place called Coastal Expeditions down there that is top notch. I’ve met a few of their guides and they were really cool. I ran into a guided group a few years ago on Capers Island…that is a great paddle and overnight if you are interested…

Here is their web-site:


Good luck!


isle of palms marina
At north end of isle of palms is the inland waterway. Very protected for a windy day. Not much free parking at boat launches. Lots of towaway signs. We loved patriot point and tour of aircraft carrier, destroyer and sub. Boone plantation was wonderful how super quality cotton financed our war of independence. You must check out battery park.

Isle of Palms has changed dramatically
since hurricane Hugo. You can actually get there in less than two hours, on a saturday morning, since they added the bridge on the north end. That is a double edged sword, though. It made it more accessible, but it destroyed the charm it once had.

Perhaps you could find a place to park on Sullivans Island or Mount Pleasant

When are you coming down?
The East Coast Sea Kayak Festival is in April - 15, 16, & 17 if I’m not mistaken. You can take lessons, try out boats, and attend lectures. They also have morning paddles you can join.

I live for that weekend - it’s better than Christmas ;).

I could probably also learn to live for the East Coast Sea Kayak festival as well, but it unfortunately does not coincide with my kids spring break. Maybe I can make another trip out there.

Thanks to everyone for the posts; what a great message board.