kayak tow line advice?

don’t know what to get–the kayak stores have about 7 models, from 24$ to over 100$. Some strap around the waist, with a quick release buckle. The one I saw isn’t meant to be thrown. Others are throw lines.

This is for sea kayaking, not white water. I imagine the use would be to throw to someone in trouble, or throw to someone if I’m in trouble, and then tow/be towed to safer water. Or, if I’m in the water and decide not to paddle-float rescue, to tow my own boat to land while swimming with my paddle.

Any advice here, paddling wizards?

There’s always the do it yourself route tow/throw line, too, but don’t have instructions or a really a clue what to make.

Take a class
Take a class on towing and try out a couple of different models. When we do towing classes we let the participants try out different styles to see what they like.

When in doubt: Northwater SeaTec Tow

Take a class on rescues and towing.

Generally speaking, throw bags are for whitewater paddling & tow rigs are for sea kayaking.

I agree with Bryan and the other guy
Take a class. Sea tec is a good system. PNET may also sell the Sea Kayak Safety video by Olly Sanders and Leo Hoare. Not bad.


Towing with a throw bag line – which means without a quick-release – would be a bad idea. Any tow system should have an easy way for the tower to release the line.

Can be done.
A quick release can be don ewith a simple rope but I spent the $60.00 on a tow belt with a quick release buckle.

You can ( if there is time set up a release for the casualty). you have to be comfortable and competent with knots though.