Kayak trailer advice

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I have 2 17-foot sea kayaks (one plastic, one kevlar), and just bought a 22-foot composite tandem. I have therefore outgrown my roof rack. I have seen a SlickRydr trailer and it looks like a sweet set-up. I would welcome any comments about this or alternative trailering suggestions.

Kayak Trailers

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1. The SlikRyder is nice. I borrowed a friend's for a 2000 mile trip. No problems, except for some tupperboat hull deformation; cured by the Wyoming sun. He has since added the saddles. It is a one purpose trailer, however.

2. I bought a Snowbear (made in Canada) untility trailer. It has a long tongue, rear mountable axle, removable tail and front gates, and plywood floor. I made cradles of 4x4s mounted under the kayak bulkheads. I just slide the 16' boats in and out; no lifting. The sides of the trailer have a round rail, so I mounted some 2x4s with U-bolts to carry other boats including a 17' canoe. It takes 15 minutes to return to its original handy/dandy multi-purposefulness.

ADDED INFO: I hauled this rig with 4 kayaks and attached Thule Box loaded from Cody, WY to San Diego and back AND then to Cape Cod and back with not a bit of trouble; tow vehicle '97 Honda Odyssey (the old style).



Pretty slick!
I have two Slick Rydr trailers and have been very happy with both. The newer one has the galvanized finish which is a huge plus. Great suspension, great ride!

If You’re Handy
I’ve seen used boat trailers that have been converted to kayak trailers.

Utility Trailer
Trailers are great! I use a utility trailer, got it from Harbor Freight for about $225. Some assembly required and doesn’t include plywood for the deck. 4x8’, 12"wheels, and it folds and stores upright in the garage. I’ve trailered poly and a wood/epoxy kayaks on this thing and never had any trouble. It does bounce some on rough railroad tracks, I just slow down for them. It doesn’t look as classy as the more expensive ones, but it serves my purpose. Plus, now I’ve got a utility trailer for other stuff (motorcycle, riding lawn mower, etc.)


Bouncy Bouncy

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A caution about choosing a trailer with a suspension not specifically designed for kayaks -- which require a sensitive (non-stiff) suspension. Two kayaks may be less than 100 pounds -- which is likely not enough of a load to receive any cushioning from a utility trailer whose suspension (if it has one) is probably a rather stiff one designed for loads of several hundred pounds. Here in Maine at least, it's not just the railroad tracks we worry about. (Some of the frost heaves here show up on topo maps!)

or you can do this
give the kevlar boat to me, and go back to using you roof racks. A simple solution and everybody wins!

for the great suggestions. I’ll probably grab a slick rydr. Gotta support the local WI economy, then now, don’t ya know.


Kayak Trailer
I purchased a Magneta trailer two seasons ago, December, and would highly recommend. After much research and scanning their e-bay store, I found a glavanized trailer that’ll easily carry 4 yaks (stacked) for under $400 delivered. The ONLY caveat is that you need to put all the pieces together once it arrives. The directions were a bit lacking but you can complete the project in a few hours. They don’t skimp on the quality of materials and it even comes with the light kit. This trailer has seen several hundred miles of interstate and back roads hauling and (knock on wood) no problems. I did not buy the additional rubber ‘rests’ accessories for the cross arms and opted to improvise using duct tape (great stuff) and one of those foam ‘noodles’ the kids use as floats in the pool (cut in half lengthwise). I picked the noodles up at a local ‘dollar store’… can’t beat the price… and it gives a little extra cushion. Good luck in your search!