Kayak trailer or wheels

I’m about to get a 16 foot sea kayak. Even though I’m getting a “relatively” lightweight fiberglass boat, I still expect to need help moving it. I don’t really want to spent $100 or more for some little wheels. I once saw someone show how to make your own. But with a 38 pount rec kayak at that time, I didn’t pay as close attention as I should have. Anyone know where I can get some plans?

Lowe’s special
I think mine took a 6’ of 1x4, a pair of 8" lawnmower wheels, a 1/2" steel rod(or whatever fits your wheels), a couple of U-bolts, a couple of hairpin cotter pins, 4 washers, and some epoxy. I sized mine to fit in my rear hatch with the wheels removed.

Cut crosspiece to desired length, probably 24 - 30". Place under stern of boat at desired location. Cut 2 pieces 8-10" long, place against sides of hull to determine angle for “V” cradle, bevel to fit. Epoxy to crosspiece. Cut brace blocks to fit between outside of V and crosspiece, epoxy in place. Epoxy stainless washer to each side of wheel hub. U-bolt steel rod to underside of crosspiece. Put on wheels, mark holes for cotter pins, remove wheels, drill holes, and cut off excess rod. Finish as desired. Assemble.

I cut a slot on either side of the axle rod outboard of the V brace to put a tiedown strap through for securing the boat to the cradle. i also put a small block in the center of the V cradle that locks into the back of the skeg slot.

Same Idea
Except I used PVC from Lowes, a steel rod from Lowes, and two pnuematic tires with bearings from tractor supply. I have a total of 34 dollars invested in my “cart”.


Here is one
Redmond is the man.


If you spend close to $70 on parts, you might as well buy one from Amazon.com:


This one is similar to Atlantic sea kayak cart ($119.95 list).

Thanks Swordfish!
Hehe. Designing these things is kinda fun. If you don’t have to take the cart with you, my hands down favorite is the one with the bicycle/utility cart wheels. Talkin’ about easy to move. Took it on a day trip with the local club and walking it down to the water and bringing it back was a piece of cake. Plan on updating it though and making the new one out of PVC. That wood works well, but its a little heavy carrying it back to the car. I generally have a tendency to over-engineer stuff. Generally nothing fancy (Mister 2x4 here) but strong.

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