Kayak Trailer Padding

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While I am no stranger to watersports, I am relatively new to the sport/lifestyle of kayaking. In order to safely transport the family kayaks for spouse, kids, and grandkids, I recently built a trailer that will hold up to six kayaks. To snug and cushion each kayak on the aluminum square tube frame, I found a great product. It is actually race car roll bar padding, sold by Allstar Performance (www.allstarperformance.com). The closed-cell foam does not absorb moisture, and progressively absorbs shock (gets more dense as it is compressed). The offset inside diameter allows easy installation, with thicker padding toward the canoe or kayak. The padding comes in 3 foot lengths and is split to be able to fit over race car roll bar tubes, or in my case, the aluminum box frame that holds each kayak. I ran a bead of silicone down the split after installation to keep the padding seam together in highway winds. The price of each 3 foot section is reasonable. The product can also be seen at Amazon.com under Allstar Performance 3' Roll Bar Padding. It comes in a number of different colors and gives your kayak or canoe a fine ride.

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Interesting product. I've got an idea or two. Could you give me an idea of the inside diameter of the insulation?

Inside diameter of roll bar padding
Inside diameter is 1 and 1/2 inch.

Sounds very good
There are so many recommendations here about using pool noodles, or worse, pipe insulation (even pool noodles fall far short of what I’d call “good” padding material). This sounds like a quality product that’s practically tailor made for the job.