Kayak Trailer Question - Custom?

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Greetings All,

A buddy of mine is shopping around for a Kayak Trailer. He recently found this really neat custom one: http://miami.craigslist.org/pbc/bpo/5129687442.html

However - I recall a while ago that kayak trailers were special in that they had lighter/softer suspension so not as to damage composite kayaks? Plastic Kayaks should be fine though on whatever?

The listing indicates the trailer has a 2000 lb Torsion Axle - would this have enough give to not damage the kayaks on it (assume it will carry 2-4)?

Any thoughts, comments or opinions of this trailer?

Another question in relation to trailers - Can you use the same trailer to haul dirt/sod that hauls kayaks? If carrying sod/dirt on a trailer made for kayaks - it would be riding low/no suspension - if the kayaks were hauled in a trailer made for dirt/sod it would bounce/sway on rough roads? If this is so -any go between/hybrid options?

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suspension stiff
should be no problem as long as kayak is tied down well on some minicell like roof rack blocks they sell, supported well near bulkheads.

My .02…

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Yes, some kayak trailers have soft suspensions that have a low maximum load rating. They bounce less or not at all while towing a light load like a couple of kayaks. I recently purchased a used SportsRig trailer with a rating of 450#. It rides smoothly, especially when compared to my old leaf spring (original equipment by the way) 1965 Highlander boat trailer I used to use. That trailer would be jumping off the pavement when encountering railroad tracks or the like. I only used it for the poly boats, the composite rode on the roof rack.
Would I rig up a flat bed to haul sod on the SportsRig? No, a 450# limit is what it is. I'll rent a trailer from Uhaul if I need to.
I'm thinking a 2000# axle rating will be quite jarring under a 200# load. Have you ever driven a pickup truck with a decent load in the back and noticed the improved ride? As noted above, you could rely on padding, or find some saddles that have some shock absorbing built into them. They do exist.
A hybrid that could do both? My only thought would be a leaf spring trailer that you would add and remove leaves as needed.
That's my experience, may it help you.

Flatbed utility trailer
I have been hauling my kayaks on a flatbed utility trailer with a 3500# rating for years. I have removable wooden bunks that are very well padded with sponge carpet padding and carpet that provides a soft ride for the boats. To help soften the ride, I also reduce the tire pressure to 25 psi.

For hauling other cargoes, I have side rails, etc. that replace the boat bunks.

The boat bunks are raised above the trailer bed, so the kayaks, which ride on edge are at about windshield level for most vehicles–for obvious reasons.

My longest boat is over 19 feet, so I have to haul it down the center of the trailer. Most of the time I haul only one boat at a time.

I have to admit that some bumps do jostle the boats but, only those that also bounce my pickup. I figure that if bouncing occasionally on the soft padding might damage a boat, imagine what is going to happen to the boat when you crash off an 8 foot wave, or worse. However, in general I try to avoid rough roads, but I love rough water.