Kayak Trailer

In the Classifeds, there is a really nice looking trailer built by one of the members here in NC. Anyone ever buy it?

Tried to find it to have a look as I am going to transform mine to haul kayaks/canoes but no luck. Where did you see it?

Go here:


fight you for it.

No worries

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Don't rush. He builds these. He will build them to your specs. The pic makes it look good, but does it wobble behind your vehicle when towed with or without the kayaks, will it tow straight with just one kayak...? This is what I was hoping to find out. If he has a good unit he may sell plenty if we buy them and report about them here.

wobbling trailer
this trailer is build on a dot certified frame, for your information, with the tongue extended and a rack build on it. i usually build 1 during winter just to occupy my time, this is the only one i’ll build, i don’t know where he’ll build to your spec. come from!

Just want to make sure

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that anyone reading this thread understands that I have never seen this trailer and I was not in anyway trying to imply from my questions that the trailer is in any way like what I was asking about. I am new to this board and do not know anyone so I was just asking general questions based on ignorance on my part. As to "build to spec", I think I just misunderstood you. Sorry.

could I get a 18 foot kayak on there?


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I'm lucky enough to have one of these. It's a great trailer. It pulls great, whether it's empty or carrying one or more boats. I've pulled it behind a full size GMC pickup, a Tahoe and a CJ7 Jeep. I've even carried a 15 foot canoe on top, with two 14 foot yaks on the bottom. The storage box holds alot of equipment. It is so easy to load, no backbreaking at all. We made some locking cables for the yaks, and use a trailer hitch lock so it can't be unhooked without a key. Can you tell, I love it! It is definitely worth buying. We'll have it with us at the Dismal Swamp paddle on May 6th, "Paddle to the Border"