kayak trailer

is it possible to modify the 40"x48" trailer from harbor freight to carry 4 touring kayaks? my concern is with the length of the towing bar. it just isn’t long enough. my questions are:

  1. where can i get a tow bar that will fit the harbor freight trailer and that’s long enough to haul 14+ feet kayaks? can’t find the part on the harbor freight site.

    i’ve never towed anything in my life but from what i can see, the weight should be evenly distributed almost right on the wheel of the trailer, maybe a foot or so towards the front. if that’s the case, assuming it’s a 14’ kayak, that means up to 5’ of the kayak will be sticking beyond the back of the trailer.

  2. is that legal? if not, is there a way to extend the break lights beyond the back of the trailer?

Harbor Freight
Harbor Freight carries a small boat trailer that would be much better proportioned for carrying kayaks/canoes. It has the long tongue, aft wheels design you’re looking for. Just add a set of double T bars and it’d make a fine paddle craft trailer. Have a friend who can weld? Or are you handy with items from the plumbing isle of your hardware store?

They also carry a folding trailer that is probably long enough. Look on their website.


Harbor Freight
I have a Harbor Freight 4x8’ folding trailer. I had a welding shop here extend the tongue for me. As for the positioning, your kayaks are so light that I really doubt that its going to be critical to the trailer where they’re placed.

I built a rack that sits on the sides of my pick up box. It’s only a 6.5’ bed but I made the rack 8’. I load 14.5’ boats on this rack, thats 7.5’ hanging out the back of the truck. Looks a little strange, but gets up to 6 boats to the water. Just make sure you put a red towel or something hanging from the longest boat.With red flag it is legal.