kayak trailers and permits

I will be using a kayak trailer this year for the first time and was wondering if this would require a ramp permit for some areas. I know it depends on local regulations but wanted to know if anyone else has found trailering kayaks to be in the “gray area” of the law. I am assuming that using a trailer is no different than cartopping since most permits are based on motorized boats. Something tells me that if I call local authorities that I will get a lot of different answers and I don’t want to get a ticket after someone on the phone says I don’t need a sticker. Anyone else ever had to get a permit for a trailer or run into any problems using trailers at public lauches.

do you plan on launching the kayak
from the trailer like it is a power boat?

I use a trailer all the time. I park it out of the way, unload the kayaks to an out of the way spot, and park in a parking spot. Go back to the kayaks and as quickly as possible launch from the ramp (there isn’t an alternative spot near the ramp).

What you don’t want to do is…

back your trailer down the ramp, take the kayak off the trailer, load the kayak, and then park. There are ‘staging’ areas to load gear, etiquette requires all ramp users to use the stagging area.

Nothing irks fellow ramp users more than a ramp hog who take 15 minutes to put their boat in the water.

What is a permit ?
I live in Montana and I know nothing of these,

what did you call them, permits ?

Never heard of any such thing !!!

No seriously, as long as you have the trailer registered you shouldn’t have to buy a permit other than the standard launch fee if there is one. I trailer my electric kayak but end up hand launching anyway with or with out a ramp.

If you do have to pay a fee you should keelhaul your local leaders who rob you like that.

Toll roads, toll bridges and ramp fees suck !

Probably depends on the municipality.
I would think parking matters more than what is carried on it.

A trailer is a trailer is a trailer when it’s parked or goes through the toll booth. Your kayak trailer isn’t any different than a small power boat or a jet ski trailer.

Agree with Greyhawk
Depends on where.

In Havre de Grace, MD at Tydings Park there is a ramp fee [no permit needed] if you are using a trailer. If you are car topping you can throw your boat over the bulkhead, or use the ramp there is no fee. Harbor Master’s explanation was parking is a premium there.

Same town, different park, maybe run by a different government entity. There is a fee on weekends whether you trailer or cartop, free during the week. My rationale - its a new ramp, they are trying to get their money back but it’s not worth monitoring during the week.

Same county, Army installation - no permit for cartop ramp use. Permit [$5/yr] if you trailer the same boat to the ramp.

Same county , two state parks. At one, if my car is parked in the lot with the ramp $10 fee, even if I have no boat and am going hiking; the other parking area are free. At the other state park, if you use the ramp, there is a fee. If you launch from shore, parking in the same lot its free.

Icould go on.

My point - It all depends on where you are launching.