Kayak Trailers

I would love to get a kayak trailer and stop cartopping up to 4 kayaks when we go out on a trip.

Does anyone have experience with Trailex or Slick Rydr? I have seen the posted reviews on the Magneta and Yak Packer. ( I would love a Yak Packer, but they don’t ship them anymore and Idaho is a long drive!) Any other brands to recommend.


Trailers are great! I use a Harbor Freight utility trailer. Very adaptable and can be used for things other than boats. The downside is that its rated for 1100 lbs, so it rides a little stiff, but that hasn’t been a problem. Also, there’s some assembly required! Here are some pics http://community.webshots.com/user/redmond5099

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I have 3 boats and I know what you mean about the pita it is cartopping them. I had a friend help me weld up a rack from 1" pipe that I can swap between my pick up & a utility trailer. The 1" pipe accepts most Yakima accessories so I can also use the stackers from my cartop carrier with this set up. The utility trailer is a little too heavy duty so I don’t like to use it unless I’m carrying some additional weight such as when we go on a camping trip. I have been looking at some small lightly sprung trailers at Harbour Freight

that look like they would work well with something similiar to the set up I have now. My problem is not enough yard space for my continually growing accumulation of boats & trailers. The Harbour Freight trailers are not real expensive; I think $299 and often on sale for less. I spent about $100 on pipe, beer and buddies help for the welding. I have some drawings we built it from. If you’re interested e-mail me and I can send you a set.

I’ve yet to see a better solution for a single lightweight lengthy kayak being towed by a small car than the Trailex SUT-200. The tongue height is 15 inches which is just right for the hitch on my GTI.

However, being aluminum, they are kind of springy (which is partly how they reduce road shock). It’s good with my Caribou, however, back when I was hauling my Folbot double it tended to wiggle around more than I liked. Nothing unsafe, just annoying from the driver’s seat.

The other neat trailer is the SportsRig. Pretty expensive, very nice suspension and wheels. Designed to support boats at typical car-rack spacing, which bothers me with a long boat, which would overhang the rear of the trailer a long way. The other problem is the high tongue height, though it would be right for an SUV or truck hitch.

For multiple boats I don’t know. I think maybe a steel trailer would be best, due to the flexing issue with aluminun. Don’t have any experience with the multiple-boat Trailex models, though, to say for sure.


has very inexpensive trailers, some assembly required. i have a galvanized ‘highlander’ boat trailer, the kind lightweight jon boats are carried on. i have a rack made of padded 2x4s 6’wide. i keep two kayaks ‘stored’ on it in my yard, always ready to go. very convenient! you should be able to find a good one used for about $300, maybe with boat included

Truck bed trailer
Consider a “cut-off” truck bed from a small truck such as a toyota, ranger, or nissan. These have the advantage of good wheel bearings and good wheels/rubber, and in particular have a good suspension that will help protect your boat from shocks on the road. Construct some cross beams that conform to the hull of your boat.

Another pro-utility trailer converter…
My yak rack doesn’t seem to be as well-done as gariverrunner’s but I’m pleased with my decision so far.

My rack installs or uninstalls in a matter of minutes which makes me popular on “moving day”.

Planned update to rack - I purchased some inexpensive wheel chocks that I’ll attach to lumber cross pieces and cover with indoor/outdoor carpet.

The vertical supports are simply 2" galvanized conduit bolted with SS bolts to the frame of the trailer.

I’ve seen instructions somewhere on the web for removing a lee spring to soften the ride.

I use an easier method that still allows my trailer to carry a full load when I’m not carrying yaks. Fill two 48 qt. (or larger) ice chests with water and tie them to the trailer just forward of each wheel. The added weight helps smooth the ride.

You’re limited only by your budget and your imagination.

We use this trailer with Euro saddles. We can transport up to 8 kayaks with our Camry. Sure has made life easier.

Do you have a website for the Yak Packer? I haven’t seen that one before.

Yak Packer
Thank you everyone for all your time and advice. How nice to have found this board (and found this wonderful sport!)

The web address for the Yak Packer is:


It got a great review in the accessories section and I followed up with an email to the reviewer who kindly replied that he still loves it, it works well, and is well built.

I had a nice conversation with Hunter about the trailer and was convinced to buy one, but they can’t ship them at a reasonable cost anymore; they come nearly completely assembled and welded.

They did say that they occasionally do come east. If anyone else near Georgia is thinking of getting one, lets get together and try to work out a group delivery.

Yak Packer
looks interesting but we have some plastic yaks that go with us sometimes and we like to carry them on their sides. The Magneta with the Euro saddles allows either method and can carry up to 8 kayaks on their sides. This is often a necessary option for family get togethers.

We got our Magneta through LLBean and it was fairly reasonable but we probably should have spent the extra money and gone galvanized. I think it will still last as long as we’ll need it anyway. The saddles were extra and we had to get them from another source.

It still beats having to lift a bunch of kayaks over our heads at the end of a long paddling day. As the years march on we find more and more ways of conserving our energy. :wink:

The SportsRig Trailer
is the best trailer for kayaks. It is expensive but worth it if you car about your boats. The reason it is better than any other is the suspension. Go to their website and take a look.

kayak trailer
I purchased a new 4 place kayak trailer on ebay last fall for $399.00. It is galvinized with #12" wheels. The cost included shipping. I put it together with not problem. It’s a great trailer! It’s made in Iowa. He still has them listed on ebay, but the the price is a bit higher.