kayak trailers

I want to buy a trailer to haul eight recreational kayaks of various lengths. Anyone have any experience, good or bad, with any makes or models. Any other advice?

We’ve had one for several years now and put a bunch of miles on it. We’re pleased. We bought 4 euro saddles for it and when we haul more than four (it will accomodate 8 on their sides) we use foam padding beneath those kayaks.

Been more then pleased using a UT-1000-8 for carrying up to 16 composite sea kayaks. I’d suggest the UT-1000-6 one less tier than mine. Most of it comes in a box, t-bolts already installed and the frame is pre-assembled. Would ship to your local terminal. The 8 is light enough that empty I can pick up the rear and move it carry it when hitched up to the trailer. Use a class III hitch instead of a bumper mount. Also all aircraft alum. won’t rust and with a full suspension, rides great. Spring for the larger galv. wheels, you’ll appreciate them on the highway.

See you on the water,