Kayak Trailers

Almost ready to pull the trigger on a utility trailer to convert to a kayak hauler, I found out that Harbor Freight has a 1 day July 4th sale (25% off) on all items…bingo trailer ordered! Should be able to haul 4 kayaks and have enough room for a 2’x5’ storage box for camping gear. Anyone use this trailer? Looks to have many good reviews. Happy July 4th!


how are you going to convert your harbor frieght trailer to a kayak trailer. we have a small one with a flat-board bed. Looking for ideas.

Here are some photos of it: http://outdoors.webshots.com/album/75339788oTcAIx

I used a HF boat trailer
I made that choice to give me more length. I then attached cross bars:


and Malone saddle mounts for each kayak works good I have extra length if I want to go with a longer kayak

Boat Trailer
I did essentially the same thing; converted an old sailboat trailer by mounting Thule bars on it (to maintain modularity with my roof racks). I’ve been very happy with it, though it’s about to be modified to accomodate my new Thule box for the PFDs, safety equip, skirts, paddles, etc.