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Looking into buying a trailer. We have 5 kayaks:
-Wilderness Tempest 170
-2x Pungo 120's
-2x Perception Prodigy XS

Right now only four will be traveling with us at a time, but in the next couple of years we will have all five. Right now I have the 170... but we are looking to get my wife a 165 so we will have two fairly long kayaks in the mix. Then of course we have the wide pungo's.

A compact trailer would be nice I could keep in the garage, but our garage is only 12'5" deep therefore driveway may have to be it.

For towing I have a Ford F250 as my daily driver...so no concerns with these little kayak trailers.

Currently we are putting two on the roof and two in the bed... but my truck is lifted (it is over 8' to get to the roof) so getting the ones on top is a pain after a long day paddling in the Texas heat and humidity around Dallas, not to mention having to bring a ladder and balance on rough uneven ground around many paddling locations.


Get thee to the TX kayak trailer thread

Open up your browser, pop a beer, and prepare to plagiarize. :slight_smile:

I just bought a trailer after researching them for a while. Ended up with a home-built used one from Cragislist but if I could have justified the expense this is the one I would have bought:


One similar would be fairly simple to build using a Harbor Freight Tools basic trailer frame and adding a tongue extension, deck and sides and building a removable rack from Unistrut – would likely cost under $600. If I had a driveway and garage to work in that would have been my choice but my ski slope property is horizontally challenging.

There is an outfit in eastern Ohio called Pirate Marine that makes really nice and reasonably priced multi-boat trailers but they are not exactly handy to your location.

you’ll probably need a drop hitch
if your truck is lifted that much.

Some trailers fold up…
to store against the wall. SportsRig is one, I believe some others do too. They are spendy as all get out, but we don’t know your budget.

Used on classified ads is the only way I’d buy one, but you may feel otherwise.


Kayak Trailer
What state are you in? Do they have a Harbor Fright store there?


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Thanks for all the suggestions and links. Budget is around $2K. That said, it is hard to justify some of these $2K+ kayak trailers when some nice enclosed cargo trailers are the same price and some large utility trailers are half the cost, lol.

I already do have a drop hitch. Storage is going to be the main issue. We (family) have 400 acres of land where larger trailers (cattle, etc.)are stored about 20 minutes away, but our actual house is in the suburbs and two car short driveway and short garage. Folding would be nice because I don't want to leave it in the driveway while we are gone during the day or traveling.

We are in North Central Texas. I have a harbor freight one mile away.

(and to the American paddlers out there... happy independence day!)

If you modified a folding HF trailer…

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...with a removable tongue extension, that should do the trick. For that matter, you really don't need the 4'x8' folding trailer to carry kayaks. One of the smaller ones with a tongue extension should work fine. The also have lower weight ratings and likely softer springs, which is good for kayak use.

They also sell a 600# capacity boat trailer that could be modified to carry kayaks:

It's more expensive, but still pretty darn cheap, and it wouldn't need a tongue extension.

Aftermarket modification
I keep looking at that Harbor Freight trailer, but have no idea where I’d take it to have the necessary work done to turn it into a kayak trailer. The nearest outfitter sells Malone trailers and Thule and only works on what they sell.

Any ideas?

Kayak Trailer
Go to your local welding supply store. Welders that do side work, leave their cards at these types of stores.

Ditch that dealer
Anyone with that short-sighted, poor service attitude doesn’t deserve your business.

Yes, I’ve noticed
they’re very insular. I did buy my last boat there (end of season sale) and do like to stop on occasion to see if they have any new kayaks on display, simply for the eye candy.

Fortunately, I have an excellent outfitter in NY for my gear needs and questions.

Here’s an option
They are in Michigan but they say that they ship and have shipped to Texas. I don’t use a trailer, but I have seen these & talked to one of the owners> the trailers look sturdy and the pricing on the web-site seems pretty reasonable.