Kayak Transport from Wenona, MN area to St. Louis, MO over the next 8-10 days. Help needed for exp.

Hi–I’m helping out the Cross Continent Expedition of Martin Trahan and Jill Brown who started paddling at the Pacific ocean in the spring and are
nearing St. Louis…headed to Miami, FLa. Anyway…they are having someone join them for a short stink and need help with getting a kayak trasported
from Wenona, Mn area to St. Louis in the next week to 10 days. Hope you can help. Please let me know via here or you can contact Jill Brown via their website: “Coursing Through America”

The town is Winona, the canoe maker is Wenonah. Although they are in Winona. :smiley:

Have you talked to anyone at Wenonah? I know someone who has shipped canoes through them, in fact I delivered one to Wenonah for him then they shipped it out west. He has a business so he may have a special deal with them, but it might be worth a call.