Kayak Transport-No Crossbars

Hello! I am looking for suggestions of transporting my 2 recently purchased kayaks. I drive a 2005 Hyundai Santa Fe that has the roof rack that runs lengthwise but does not have crossbars.

I was looking at getting universal J-cradle type carriers, but it seems that those are used to attach to the crossbar. I would appreciate any thoughts or suggestions that don’t include spending the $100+ for crossbars. My husband surfs, so I liked thte J-style that would work for boards as well.

Thank you, Sarah

the only way that comes to mind
…is a trailer.

seems like that would cost even more than buying the crossbars themselves.

Thanks though!

No crossbar - no biggie
Put it on the roof and tie it down

-some put the tiedown in the interior of the car

and then shut the doors.


Thank you!
Thank you! I was wondering how to do that properly. Now I’m wondering if I can fit two up there since my husband and I each have our own. Thanks!

Modify the foam pads
You may have to “cut” the foam pads to get

2 kayaks side-by-side on the roof of the vehicle.


Merely an example - lots of places sell foam blocks

You can find these cheaper
OK, these sell new at Bass Proshops for $99. But, I found a brand new set on eBay for $60 with free shipping…


strap them on the roof, pump them up, and set your kayaks on them. I would use a combination of strapping the yaks to this using it’s d links. Then, add extra straps using the rails on your car. Don’t forget your bow and stern ropes.

I used the website car-parts.com and you put in your car info and it will tell you all junkyards near you that carry crossbars or any other things you need for your vehicle. I plan on buying the crossbars for my 05 Pilot and they are only $50!

I bet they got it figured out. This thread is 8 years old…

Yes, they likely figured it out.

Qruiser would tell you that you can find OEM and aftermarket cross bars to fit the racks on most cars. AND if you are a nice single female with a smile and flattering words you can get some unsuspecting single guy to help you put it on the car… … (there is more to this story)

Of course if you are a guy you’ll probably have to install it yourself.

You may ruin your weatherstripping.