Kayak Transport on a Jeep

I’m a 5’1" female with a 13.5’ Perception kayak weighing 37 lbs. I drive a Jeep Grand Cherokee. Any suggestions on an easy way for me to get the kayak on top of the Jeep. Right now I have to use a ladder and that’s not good.

Look into hully rollers or try and
make some. Once you have them you can just slide your kayak up top.

you can check out the hull-a-vator from thule(im pretty sure its thule), but before you buy inquire whether the new models have fixed the defective arm locking mechanism. Either that or slide the boat up your windshield on a towel or blanket to the rack. if anyone else has feedback on the thule system by all means share :slight_smile:

yakima boatloader
I use the Yakima Boatloader to load my yak on top of my Forester. Simple and easy.


Thule also makes their version, called the Outrigger.

Loading your kayak
I use a bathroom floormat . Put it across the back where the roof curves and raise the bow of the kayak up onto it. Then slide the boat onto the roof. It works and its cheap. Vaughn Fulton

Harmen Hanger
I haven’t tried this yet, but was considering getting one for our garage. You can use it to store your boat as well as to place it on top of the vehicle. If you don’t park in your garage or have a garage I guess it would be worthless. Otherwise, check it out.


towel on back
To get a 60 lb kayak onto the roof of my Grand Cherokee I use towel on the back of the roof above the tailgate, put the bow on the towel and then lift the stern and push the boat onto a Yakima rack. Same thing as the bath mat idea already mentioned.

I also have a boat loader extender bar, which I use for our 70 lb Mad River Explorer canoe, but for the Sciroco the towel method works best. I’ve been doing it this way for years with no damage to the car or boat.

Carpet remnant scrap…
About 2x3’… Soft side on the back of my Trooper… (tucks nicely under the fairing…)

The backing side provides a good slippery surface to slide the hull.

Then slide up on to the Hulley Rollers, up to the Mako saddle…

Easy… and my boat’s heavy.

loading kayak onto vehicle
While we don’t have a similar vehicle, we have found the Rollerloader to be very helpful. Yes, costs more than bath towels but should work better as well

Here is their webswite with photos:



You know the Rollerloader looks like a great idea. I just can’t believe the price of it!

The Kayak Loader

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This will make your life very easy.

See The Kayak Loader @ KayakLoader.com

Hulley Rollers
I also have a Jeep Grand Cherokee and use Hulley Rollers. I’m just a little taller at 5’6" but they work well for me.