Kayak Transport

Has anyone adapted a manual/pull golf cart to transport a kayak? I am new to kayaking and have bought a 12ft that may be heavy to carry. Thinking about using my 3-wheel cart to take it to the river in our backyard. Any experience out there? Thank you.

Have you worked out how you will attach
the kayak to the cart? From my long past caddying, I’m not sure that a 60 pound kayak can be equated to most bags full of clubs, but if a firm attachment can be devised, it might be worth a try.

wondered that myself
I picked up a very nice collapsible golf caddie (the strap attachment hardware for the bag had been broken off) for $5 at the thrift store last year and have been eyeing it for modification as a kayak cart. Once the basement stops being a walk-in cooler due to our sub-zero temps I may tinker with it to see if that is feasible.

Wheel chairs work great too
I have had very good results with golf carts and wheel chairs. They are pretty easy to modify. Neither type of Frankencart is something you want to try to pack in the kayak for a long trip but both are fine for using from and car and storing back in the car.



golf cart wheel/axle bearings ?


check the geometry of 12’ vs a golf club bag length.

a kayak cart pulls from the bow.

kayak carts have plain bearings with axle/wheel using clean surface with bicycle chain wax/teflon dry lube…no bearings, right ? Not that I looked thru the field.

with a kayak cart, roll cart into water, float kayak and on take out, mount cart under yak, tie and roll out.

relevant to percentage injuries from kayaking, lifting and carrying rank #1