Kayak transporter

anyone know a good kayak transporter need to get kayak from Pa to Ms

Old Dominion/Roadway
I sent one from MD to AL in three days, cost about $300 or so, and from Ohio to Virginia for $135 took 2 days. Well worth it. Both were poly boats and I wrappeded them tight in a 16x20 blue tarp and gorilla tape and asked them to load it on top and not use forks.

Transport companies I’ve not been impressed with are Forward Air, used them once and hope to not have to ever again, and KAS transport took 3 months to get my boat to me and I missed the whole summer. He kept promising “2 weeks”. He wasn’t any cheaper than OD, shoulda woulda coulda, next time I’ won’t

Broke the hell out of the one and only boat I have ever had shipped…then attempted to tell me because it was now unwrapped, I had to take delivery…I called Rutabaga, the shipper, who did something to straighten it all out…Years later, I still patronize Rutabaga and NEVER reccomend Roadway. I’m currently contemplating having another boat shipped, and have gotten glowing reviews about K.A.S. Transporters.

you might check with R+L Carriers, http://www.gorlc.com

they delivered my kayak cross country from Wyoming to Virginia unscathed, though it was well packed in bubble wrap to begin with.

there’s a rate quote tool on their website but I’d have to find the bill of lading to see what freight class they charged.

if you can send it to a business address it will be cheaper