Kayak Trek Composite boats


Anyone tried the Kayak Trek Baja composite boat with dedicated keel fin? It is made by Kayak Pro, and wanted to get any impressions before I go and buy.


“…dedicated keel fin” ? What’s that?

Hull shape

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Obviously he means a skeg, yes?

On a less obvious note, I notice that the Baja Flite is Swede-form and the Baja Expedition looks fish-form. Looking closely at the side views, I think the hull is flipped end for end on these models, with different decks, obviously. This is very interesting from a naval arch point of view. I assume this would make them significantly different to paddle.

I too would like to see these boats in person and give them a try. Less than a thousand dollars for a composite boat under 40 pounds sounds like a great idea. Light weight is my new religion since I strained my elbow almost dropping a 52 pound fg single. The Acapulco tandem looks like something I could actually convince my wife to paddle in. Something very old fashioned looking about it, more like a decked canoe.


This line seems a bit dated, a batch of rather featureless old school designs typical of China. With minimal deck rigging, bulkheads, and no backrest the weight isn’t that amazing. The Wave looks like any number of old whitewater designs with a skeg slapped on.

Could be interesting beginner boats though due to price. I’d try one if it was at a demo day perhaps, but I have never seen a kayak pro on a beach usually it is sort of a referral process to find someone with the higher end racing boats.

Yes, old-fashioned looking
but I don’t necessarily see that as a bad thing. If the hull shape is fair and behaves well, then I can live without many bells and whistles. I think bulkheads are a good idea for a beginner boat, and those little hatches would be enough for day tripping. The seat in my K1 has no back and is very comfortable - but you could add a good backband too.

I agree about availability - it looks like these boats are drop-shipped from somewhere, so probably would be difficult to demo. Kayakpro is near me - maybe I can see one in person someday.