Kayak trip from Gray's Creek to Atlantic

I am primarily a fisherman, but recently, in my new home, I found that I could kayak through my backyard swamp all the way to Gray’s Creek. I know that it leads to the Cape Fear River, which leads to the ocean and I plan on making a trip there sometime with a friend.

If anyone has made a similar trip, could you give me advice on when to go, what to bring and if the trip is even possible to do. Also, how long does it usually take to complete the trip.

I could not find Gray’s Creek on any of my maps. If you can send me a GPS coordinate I can plug it into mapping program I can coorelate it to Ferguson’s CF paddle trail description. Based on that I can give you what Paul’s book says.

Stay safe on the water

Thank you
I found out that one of my friends knows the Cape Fear River well, but thanks anyway for the information.